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20 Years of Homer Simpson ‘Doh’ing In One Video

In 20 seasons of The Simpsons –that’s about 9,207 minutes (441 episodes at about 22 minutes of non-commercial footage) or 153.45 hours, or 6.39 weeks– Homer spends about 4 minutes and 24 seconds just saying “D’oh.” How do I know this? Because I have basic math skills and Andrewjcm painstakingly created a supercut of every instance of D’oh! in the Simpsons from seasons 1-20. It’s an impressive feat and a worthwhile watch, but now I just want someone to rearrange some of these D’ohs and maybe autotune them into a song. New musicalgenre? I hope so. It beats dubstep, right? Right?!

(via Uproxx)

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