We Could Watch This 3D Printed Stop Motion Bear All Day And We Will

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  1. Entertainment

    Honest Trailer for Wolf of F%@king Wall Street Tries to Out F%@k the Actual Movie

    Screen Junkies is back with another Honest Trailer. This time around they're pointing out all the sex, swearing, and "Martin Scorsese-isms" of Wolf of Wall Street. As ever, this Honest Trailer hilariously points out what's absurd about a movie. They're also hung up on DiCaprio not having an Oscar.

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  2. Gaming

    Metroid and Other Nintendo LEGO CUUSOO Sets Make Us Wish for an Official Partnership

    LEGO CUUSOO sets can be pretty well done, but there isn't one that is perhaps as big of a no-brainer for "this should just be something LEGO already makes" as Nintendo-themed LEGO sets. Nintendo and LEGO are giants in their markets, and those markets overlap in a big way. Why am I not playing with LEGO Samus right now?

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  3. Tech

    We Could Watch This 3D Printed Stop Motion Bear All Day And We Will

    A lot of people are worried that CGI will replace stop motion animation because it's less time-consuming and ultimately less expensive. If this little guy is any indication, however, then stop motion will never go away, because there will always be someone willing to put in a ridiculous amount of effort to make it happen.

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  4. Entertainment

    Game of Thrones Continues to Break Piracy Records

    Game of Thrones may not be the most watched show on television, but it's certainly the most pirated. It's set yet another record for being illegally downloaded online. HBO didn't seem to care much the last two times this happened, so will this time be any different?

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  5. Tech

    TL;DR Wikipedia Distills the Internet’s Vast Knowledge Into Short, Sarcastic Barbs

    There's a lot of information on the Internet, so it can be hard to know just where to turn when you want a concise explanation of any given subject. That's where TL;DR Wikipedia comes in. They take all of the "knowledge" and "facts" and reduce it to easily remembered, sarcastic flash cards.

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  6. Space

    Cassini May Have Captured an Image of Saturn’s Rings Giving Birth to a New Moon: “Peggy”

    The Cassini spacecraft has been bringing us great shots of Saturn for a while now, but this new image may shed some light on a pretty rare phenomenon: the formation of a moon. It appears that particles on the outer edges of Saturn's rings are forming together and may be showing us how Saturn got so many moons.

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  7. Geekosystem Podcast
    Episode 26: Pretty Little Lizards
    4/15/14 @ 1:04 pm
    Is this podcast an Illuminati conspiracy?
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  8. Weird

    Whoever Wrote This Librarian Job Listing Really Knows Their Hogwarts Staff

    If you want to become a Library Director in Boulder, Colorado you apparently need more than a Master of Library Science: you also should be like Harry Potter. Sorry, Madam Pince, your tough love continues to be unappreciated.

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  9. Weird

    Flight Attendant Turns Safety Demonstration Into Comedy Routine, Because Flying’s Not Awful Enough Already

    Commercial air travel is one of the worst, most frustrating ways to get around. Southwest flight attendant Martha Cobb decided to mix things up and turn her in-flight safety briefing into a comedy routine. She got laughs, so at least some of her passengers were into it, but please -- other flight attendants -- don't start doing this.

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  10. Entertainment

    Rejoice, For Bee and Puppycat Is Getting a Comic Book Series

    Bee and Puppycat is an adorable Magical Girl homage web series that's currently in production after getting funding from the most successful animation-based Kickstarter campaign in history -- and now, it's coming to your comic book shelves, too.

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  11. Weird

    A Whole Bunch of Teenagers Tweeted Bomb Threats at American Airlines Because Humanity Is Terrible

    You'd think that seeing a teenage girl get into actual real-world trouble for tweeting a vague and incredibly-racist terror threat to an airline would make other people want to stop doing that. Of course, that's a fallacy on your part. Teenagers are not people. They are monsters.

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  12. Entertainment

    Billy Eichner Is Really Excited for Easter and the 10th Anniversary of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ

    Easter is this Sunday, but it's also been 10 years since Mel Gibson release The Passion of the Christ. That has comedian Billy Eichner very excited, so he took to the streets of New York in an Easter Bunny suit to scream questions at strangers in this clip from his brilliant show Billy on the Street.

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  13. Entertainment

    The Geekosystem Podcast Episode 26 “Pretty Little Lizards” Is Online and Ready for You

    On this week's show, the gang's all here to talk about why an eclipse won't kill us, how expensive Game of Thrones can be, bow tie racing Our Friend Bill Nye, and of course our weekly Editors' Picks.

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  14. Entertainment

    Funny Or Die Grants Creationists’ Wish For More Inclusion In Cosmos

    Some religious groups have complained that their scientifically unprovable opinions haven't been included on science show Cosmos. Thankfully Funny Or Die has stepped in with "Creationist Cosmos" a dead-on parody that lampoons the willful ignorance of creationists as well as Cosmos' Spaceship of the Imagination style cheesiness.

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  15. Tech

    The IRS Missed the Windows XP Update Deadline, Has to Pay Microsoft Millions for Support

    It's tax day! Did you file your taxes yet? You know, it's important to get it done on time, because the IRS doesn't stand for missed deadlines—unless, of course, that deadline is Microsoft's end of Windows XP support. Then, the IRS is all, "Oh, was that this month? You know, I've just been so busy. Can I get an extension?"

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  16. Tech

    Get Your First Glimpse at What the Bigger iPhone Screens Will Probably Look Like

    Everybody and their grandmother complained that the iPhone's screen didn't get any bigger between the 5 and 5s when the latter was released. Well, you can all hakuna your collective matatas, friends. If these photos are any indication, your wish will soon be granted.

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  17. Weird

    Whoops! French Scientists Have Admitted to Misplacing Over 2,000 Vials of SARS

    French scientists admitted on Monday to losing 2,349 vials of the deadly SARS virus, so rejoice everyone! Comparatively, there is no way any of us can mess up at work ever again.

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  18. Science

    People Who Pray for Their Romantic Partners Are Way More Committed to Keeping Them Around

    Today in "news that's actually kind of obvious," a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology claims that people who pray for their significant others are usually more committed to them. Unless you're a female mantis, of course. Then, you're probably about to kill yours.

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  19. Space

    You Can Watch Time-Lapse of Last Night’s Lunar Eclipse If Clouds Ruined It for You

    If you live on the east coast of the United States, odds are that last night's total lunar eclipse was spoiled for you by some clouds, but the Internet has your back. Here's a time-lapse video of the Moon passing into the Earth's shadow last night and taking on a reddish-orange hue.

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  20. Tech

    Google Glass Available Today For One Day Only

    I can think of cooler ways to lose friends and alienate people, but if you really, really want to get your hands on a pair of Google Glass before everyone else, a 24 hour window to apply for a spot as a Glass Explorer began at 9 am ET today. If you're not reading this through a computer on your face, then you have some work to do.

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  21. Weird

    Unicef’s Newet Mascot, Mr.Poo, Dances And Sings For A Good Cause

    Public defecation in India has a serious effect on health and hygiene. Now UNICEF is saying "Enough of this shit" in a very silly way, using a personified dollop of poo with its own music video to encourage people to take their "Poo2Loo", i.e., drop their kids off in the pool rather than leaving them out on the street to choreograph dance numbers.

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  22. Gaming

    Zoomin.TV Shows Us Their Favorite 5 Bunnies in Gaming Just In Time For Easter

    Bunnies are probably some of the cutest critters to ever grace us with their fluffy adorable presence. However, they're not always so cute in video games -- in fact, they're often depicted as deadly and even lusty creatures. With Easter on the way, Zoomin.TV wants to treat us to their top 5 bunnies in gaming.

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  23. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 4/15

    Viagra ice cream, Firefly/Disney mash ups, a personal ad from a man who loves ramen, and more in today's Geekolinks!

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  24. Tech

    Twitter Would Really Like For You To Start Using Their Private Messaging System More

    When was the last time you got a direct message on Twitter? Be honest, it was most likely one of those automated "Thanks for following!" things from a verified social media "expert" account. From the looks of it, however, Twitter is hard at work making DMs less annoying and more useful for you.

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  25. Entertainment

    No, Anna, Jesse Pinkman Does Not Want To Build a Snowman [Video]

    No wonder your parents want to keep you two separated. There's no snow in Albuquerque! If anything, Jesse's probably got supernatural meth powers, and you don't want that around little kids.

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  26. Weird

    Updated: US Airways Just Tweeted A Picture Of An Airplane Heading In For A Very NSFW Landing

    Someone at US Airways is about to be fired. A typical twitter exchange with a complaining customer just ended with the company tweeting a NSFW image of an airplane flying into a vagina. US Airways has obviously already removed the image, but the Internet is forever and unfortunately for the perpetrator, so are the NSFW screencaps.

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  27. Weird

    Witness in Murder Trial Posts Craigslist “Missed Connection” To Find Juror

    Sometimes people find love in unexpected places -- like a heinous murder trial. At least, some people do. A witness in the trial of Amanda Hein, who was convicted of murdering her child, tried to make the best out of a bad situation and posted a Craigslist Missed Connection to find a juror who was smiling at him.

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  28. Entertainment

    Harrison Ford, Galaxy’s Most Lovable Grump, Addresses the “Who Shot First” Debate

    If you feel strongly about one of the most oft-debated issues in the nerd universe, Harrison Ford probably has a Han Solo- esque eye roll for you, princess. At a Reddit AMA on Saturday Ford was asked what reallyhappened in that Mos Eisley cantina, and surprisingly he doesn't think Greedo's to blame.

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  29. Space

    NASA Will Send Robonaut’s Doc Ock Legs to the ISS Today With SpaceX, and You Can Watch With Us

    NASA's Robonaut 2 has been patiently awaiting the arrival of his robotic Doc Ock legs as he sits completely immobile on a support post. Today, his lower half is launching to the ISS aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft at 4:58PM ET, and then he'll be able to move freely about the space station and free up human astronauts for more complex tasks.

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  30. Science

    Our Friend Bill Nye Answers Reader Questions About Invention and Friendship

    At SXSW this year we met up with Our Friend Bill Nye to challenge him to a bow tie race and have him answer some reader questions. What's his favorite science? What would he invent if he could invent anything? Why do we insist on calling him "Our Friend Bill Nye"? All that and more will be revealed!

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  31. Science

    Caterpillars Pretend to be Ants and Mooch off of Them Because They Can

    Apparently some caterpillars are lazy and make ants their slaves because why not? Before these caterpillars have to fend for themselves and find their own food, they instead have pretty neat survival methods that get ants to open their hospitable nests to them. Here, they are essentially wined and dined until they no longer need the ants anymore.

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