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  1. Entertainment

    Heroes Reborn Is Already Getting a Prequel Because What Are You DOING, NBC?

    Nothing will ever disappoint a certain generation of TV-watching nerds (cough) quite as devastatingly as Heroes did when it first went downhill, so you can bet that we're all pretty twitchy when discussing the upcoming 13-episode miniseries, Heroes: Reborn. Well... you might want to be sitting down. You're about to get twitchier.

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  2. Entertainment

    Oh Geez, The New Series of Simpsons-themed LEGO Minifigs Are Too Perfect

    So far we've been doing a good job of not buying the amazing(ly expensive) Simpsons house replica from LEGO, and our wallets have appreciated the effort. But now they're releasing special minifigs at $4 each, and y'all, I don't know that we can hold out much longer. Just look at their little mostly yellow faces. It's too much.

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  3. Entertainment

    That Halloween Costume Wasn’t Accurate, the New Ninja Turtles Look Pretty Good

    Last week, everyone was pretty upset about the purportedly leaked image of a Michelangelo Halloween costume based on the upcoming Michael Bay Ninja Turtles. Luckily, it seems that the Halloween costume was just a really poor take on a turtle design that is actually pretty OK, and shots of what they should actually look like surfaced today.

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  4. Weird

    Monkeys Knocked Out Power Across the Country of Zambia, Prepare for the Monkey Revolution

    We've already addressed the squirrel menace, and the surprising frequency with which they knock out power here in the US, but it seems other countries have animal problems of their own. Monkeys knocked out all power in the country of Zambia recently. What are you planning, Zambian monkeys?

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  5. Science

    Craziest Researcher Ever Lets Parasite Live In Her To Discern Mating Habits

    Ever found yourself curious about how sand fleas have sex? Marlene Thielecke, Ph.D. student at Berlin's Charité University Medicine, sure has! Upon discovering a flea living in her foot, Thielecke - instead of reacting with the appropriate terror response - decided to study the creature, in the hopes it might help science.

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  6. Tech Application Vs. Private Application: Which is Faster? [Video]

    In a handy video comparison, John Green of vlogbrothers pits and an unnamed private insurance application against each other in a race to determine if the government's solution is really as slow as critics say.

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  7. Science

    Sniffling Nerds, Our Time Has Come! Treatment Developed for Grass & Dust Allergies

    Ever find yourself stuck inside and miserable during, like, literally any season, due to crippling allergies associated with existing in a world with nature? Us too! Thankfully, science has heard our sneezy cries for help, and has developed a treatment for hay fever and dust mite allergies! Sniffly hooray!

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  8. Tech

    Barack Obama Follows a Porn Company on Twitter

    To be fair, Barack Obama's Twitter account isn't run by Barack Obama himself. It says right in the description "This account is run by Organizing for Action staff." The account follows over 660,000 people, so it's obviously not being that well curated. Still. Maybe the Organizing for Action staff should have more sense than to follow porn companies like Wicked Pictures which produces titles like Bikini Outlaws. This isn't the first time the President's account has been caught following porn either.

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  9. Science

    That’s Probably Not Good For You: Chinese “Medicinal” Herbs Packed With Pesticides

    OK, folks, it looks like it's officially time to stop flushing your hard-earned cash down the drain on herbal supplements and traditional remedies. Not only are Chinese medicinal herbs not medicine, they may actually contain unlisted ingredients -- like, oh, kind of a lot of pesticides -- that can be hazardous to your health. A recent report by Greenpeace found that of 36 samples of herbs like chrysanthemum, rosebud and honeysuckle taken in Europe and North America contained residues from three or more kinds of pesticides that exceeded accepted safe levels set by the European Union.

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  10. Science

    Uplifting Study Confirms Sexiness of Beards, General Magnificence of Men Who Wear Them

    A new study from the University of South Wales confirms what plenty of us have known for years -- everything is better with a beard. At least, ladies seem to think so, as the study showed that women see bearded men as more attractive partners in both the short and long term. 

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  11. Tech

    Oh Good, Animal Planet Has a Live Cockroach Cam

    Are you an Orthoptera enthusiast? Have you got an itch that only constant footage of roaches can scratch? Well, Animal Planet's got you covered with their new Cockroach Cam, which delivers all the twitchy, chitinous streaming action you could ever want, 24/7. They've even placed the roaches in a tiny little kitchen, making them seem oversize. How charming!

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  12. Weird

    Men Who Get Smallpox Vaccine Can Pass Along Related Virus As An STD

    This week brought us the strangest CDC report we've read in some time when a man who received a shot of smallpox vaccine passed along a related virus to another man as an STD, which was then passed to a third man. If we were talking about anything but smallpox here, this bizarre scenario would be a case where the cure is worse than the disease, but since the disease is smallpox, that's not true. Because nothing is worse than smallpox. Nothing.

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  13. Tech

    Squirrels Teach Robots To Lie, Nobody Questions Whether That’s A Good Idea

    Disappointed that your Roomba can't clean your house while also telling you that you that shirt your girlfriend hates looks great on you? Researchers at Georgia Tech are working hard to solve that problem by teaching robots to lie, and they're taking lessons in lying from some of nature's most deceptive animals -- squirrels. Because hey, what could possibly go wrong with that plan, which you can see in action below?

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  14. Science

    Seeing Is Believing: Just Looking At Ants, Bug Bites Can Make You Itch

    Does the picture above make your skin crawl? You're not alone. A recent study conducted by the University of Manchester found that visual cues -- such as being shown an image of an ant or a bug bite -- can provoke an itch response in people, even if they haven't felt a thing. In fact, you may not even need to see the itch inducing stimulus, as the same study found that just seeing another person scratch can make viewers feel that they also have an itch to scratch, suggesting that itching, like yawning, may be a socially contagious response.

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  15. Science

    Stem Cells Used To Grow Functioning, Implantable Thyroid Gland

    Researchers at the Free University of Belgium have unveiled what could be the new cool thing in the growing field of regenerative medicine -- an implantable thyroid gland grown from stem cells. The thyroid, implanted in a mouse test subject for trials, even produced hormones as it was meant to, which is important because, well, it's most of what the thyroid does, and if a replacement doesn't do that, it's not a very good replacement. But this one does, and may be, respectively, which is super cool in an abstract sense and even more so if you're a family member of on of the millions of people affected by poorly functioning thyroid gland.

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