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The mission of Geekosystem is to unite all the tribes of geekdom under one common banner. There’s a lot of overlap between the different families of geekery: The geeks who are into gadgets and computers are often one and the same as the geeks who are into comics and sci-fi are often just the same as the geeks who are fueling the culture of the Web — one forum or imageboard at a time. As the site’s name suggests, Geekosystem recognizes and celebrates these interconnections and the oft-overlooked personalities that hold it all together.


Publisher and founder: Dan Abrams

Glen Tickle — Senior Editor

Glen is a writer, comedian, and gentleman living in New Jersey with his lovely wife, beautiful daughter, and dog, Elvis Costello. The dog's name is Elvis Costello. Glen does not live with the human Elvis Costello. Yet. Tickle really is his last name. Please stop asking.

Victoria McNally — Associate Editor

Victoria is a geek culture and television fan who hails from New Jersey and who has a cross stitch sampler of Keyboard Cat that she made herself sitting on her desk. She is also a female person. She has a lot of unabashed feelings about Sailor Moon.

Dan Van Winkle — Associate Editor

Dan is an avid gamer who enjoys modding games as much as he enjoys playing them. He is also a ninja who lives in New Jersey with his disproportionately beautiful fiancée.

Sam Maggs — Weekend Editor

Sam Maggs is a writer, geek girl, and television professional, currently hailing from the Kingdom of the North (Toronto). Sam’s parents saw Star Wars: A New Hope twenty-four times in theaters when it first came out, so it’s really not her fault that she turned out this way.

Justin Ouellette — Lead Developer

4x Snapcaster Mage, 4x Lotleth Troll, 4x Thragtusk, 3x Vampire Nighthawk, 2x Runechanter's Pike, 2x Jace, Architect of Thought, 2x Gaze of Granite, 4x Grisly Salvage, 4x Dissipate, 2x Syncopate, 3x Putrefy, 3x Abrupt Decay, 2x Tragic Slip, 4x Breeding Pool, 4x Drowned Catacomb, 3x Hinterland Harbor, 4x Overgrown Tomb, 4x Watery Grave, 3x Woodland Cemetery


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