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Thai Anti-Cheating Hats are Stylish and Functional

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Cheating helmet

Cheating at Bangkok’s Kasetsart University is apparently so bad that they’ve taken to requiring students to wear anti-cheating helmets (pictured above) when taking tests. I caught a few kids cheating when I worked as a teacher, but it was never so bad that I considered busting out silly hats.

The picture surfaced on the an alumni Facebook page for the University before being removed, but the poster then forwarded it to a group called Coconuts Bangkok.

Recently, Thailand has had some cheating scandals around their police and teacher exams, so perhaps the University is just trying to stop cheating before it catches on within the school.

The real question here is where can I get one of those stylish hats?

(via News.Com.Au, image via Coconuts Bangkok)

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