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  1. Tech

    Geekosystem Seeks Fall Editorial Interns!

    Geekosystem is looking for a full-time editorial intern for Fall 2010!
    Applicants must be available to work full-time at our NYC offices from August/September to December. Common intern duties include writing, editing, and being dispatched to the penal colony of Sallust VI to quell an uprising among the moon's population of highly dangerous criminals. (The prisoners are being led by a mysterious man known only as "the Judicator;" under his leadership, they have deactivated the psi-suppression field and are now attempting to make it off-world.)
    Also, you should probably know some HTML.

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  2. Entertainment

    The New Scott Pilgrim Trailer: Face-Shatteringly Awesome

    Whoa. The international trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, the adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novel/slacker epic, is out, and it ... is ... amazing.

    Heightened realism! Flawless comic timing! Nerdy-hot girls with dyed hair! Video game references! A significantly stronger grasp of physical comedy than Kick-Ass! Our editorial team is having trouble breathing at this point.

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  3. Gaming

    Shogun: Total War 2 Screenshots Arrive: Ninja Archers, Flaming Castles, and So Forth

    Creative Assembly is churning Total War games out at a serious clip! The upcoming Shogun 2: Total War represents the seventh entry in the series, which for those of you who don't know, blends grand, continent-wide military strategy with brutal, small-scale tactical battles where you can see individual little figures crushed by elephants, and blown apart by cannons, and so on. Anyway -- onto the screenshots!

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  4. Entertainment

    Star Wars: Hipster Clothes Edition

    Hot on the heels of Adidas’ Snoop-helmed Star Wars promotion, Behance user “John Woo” has created a series of illustrations of Star Wars characters posing in major streetwear brands, including Band of OutsidersSupreme, and A.P.C.

    Here’s Darth Vader in Band of Outsiders, even though he is totally more of a Hugo Boss kind of guy. Come on, people.

    See more hipster-tinged Star Wars characters at Styleite.

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  5. Weird

    Seven Things You’ll Encounter in 4chan’s Fashion Forum

    When it comes to online gathering places for savvy young clotheshorses, the major players are fairly well-known., Ask Andy,

    Wait a minute...4chan? Cesspool of all that is wrong with the internet? Violator of Time's Person of the Year polls and Sarah Palin's email account? Birthplace of LOLcats and Rickrolling?

    This post originally appeared at our sister site Styleite.

    A cursory examination reveals that 4chan does in fact have a fashion forum, and it's called /fa/! Its members refer to each other as /fa/scists (oh, dear) and really like online retailers like Yoox and Indochino. Their primary pastime? Conducting ruthless holy wars over everything from desert boots to keffiyehs.

    (The forum can be found here; it is decidedly Not Safe for Work.)

    Let's run through the general types of discussion that happen on this hidden internet fashion kingdom, with examples!

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  6. Tech

    Man Uses World’s Most Difficult Computer Game to Create … A Working Turing Machine

    Continuing today's theme of incredibly ambitious projects carried out in city-building games -- someone has created a Dwarf Fortress city that operates, effectively, as a Turing machine.

    No, it's not called "MOAR-ia." Although it should be. For the uninitiated, Dwarf Fortress is to normal city-building games as the UNIX command line is to Windows: abstruse, catastrophically punishing of newbie mistakes, unfailingly esoteric in documentation, and thoroughly opaque in operation. In addition to its incredibly steep learning curve, Dwarf Fortress is an insanely difficult game. Forgot to bring along some lumber when you founded your city? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Left your gates open when the local Cyclops came by for a visit? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Accidentally hurled an elven emissary into a magma vent when he was just trying to offer you a trade agreement? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Also, the interface is entirely composed of ASCII-based graphics. Scared yet?

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  7. Gaming

    World of Warcraft Nets Tens of Millions of Dollars by Selling … Glittery Sparkle Ponies?

    Finally marrying MMO-related obsessiveness to infantile consumer taste, Blizzard is now making millions selling World of Warcraft players...shimmering space ponies?

    Has online gaming's biggest player finally turned itself into Farmville?

    Blizzard has long been in the practice of selling "pets," which are ornamental creatures that follow players around the gameworld. But the Celestial Steed is the first "mount" (read: ridable animal friend!) which must be acquired through grubby lucre rather than honest-to-god in-game effort.

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  8. Entertainment

    Tiger Woods’ Sexts – The Word Cloud (NSFW)

    Yesterday, Tiger Woods ex-paramour Joslyn James released a transcript of her text messages from the lust-addled golfer. Being the egregious nerds that we are, we looked at this cesspit of lurid language and explicit sexytalk and saw only one thing...

    ...beauteous, beauteous data!

    Click below to see a tag cloud of the most common words in Tiger's sexts, generated thanks to the magic of Wordle.

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  9. Tech

    3D Printer that Prints Itself Creates Story that Writes Itself

    Gray goo is totally on the way, guys -- the boffins at the University of Bath have developed a 3D printer that can create copies of itself. Soon, your collection of hand-painted Warhammer 40K figurines will be worthless, drowned in a sea of cheaply auto-molded replicas! (Maybe.)

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  10. Gaming

    Tiger Woods Machinima Revealed As Untrue!

    So: Remember the patently insane machinima video describing the whole Tiger Woods affair? And how the Internet came together and laughed at it, because, wow, it looked like someone was using The Sims 3 to report the news? And how all the stars of America's celebrity firmament tumbled directly into the Uncanny Valley? Well, after Tiger Woods' press conference today, we now know that that the video's portrayal of marital fisticuffs was false. Who knew that weird Chinese tabloid videos are not to be trusted?

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  11. Entertainment

    This Will Exist: Another Awful, Awful Mortal Kombat Movie is In the Works

    That's right -- Warner Bros. apparently thinks that Mortal Kombat, the legendarily sanguinary video game franchise, is valuable enough to warrant a follow-up to 1997's critically savaged feature film, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. The series has indeed already spawned two movies, one medium-grade mid-90's moral panic, and an, um, "animated film" (see above), but another movie? Wasn't Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li enough?

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  12. Gaming

    Civilization V is Coming! And the Map Finally Uses Hexagons!

    In an announcement that is surprising no one, Firaxis has announced that Civilization V is under development. And while much is being made of the game's promised features -- including additional civilizations, leaders who speak in their native tongues, and long-range bombardment by units (but wait, wasn't that in Alpha Centauri a decade ago?) -- no one seems to be covering the drastic change apparent in the screenshots. That's right -- the map uses hexagons instead of squares! What is this, some Avalon Hill monstrosity? Sid Meier must be rolling in his #9 Power Grid slot.

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  13. Gaming

    Freeware of the Day: Pretty Much Every Classic Command & Conquer Game

    Geekosystem will periodically tip its readers off to classic commercial games that are now available for free! In today's installment: EA releases decade-old classics Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn from the depths of its vast IP vault. So! Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is being released soon, and EA is releasing the original three games in the series in an attempt to whip fans into a frenzy. (Although I, personally, have never met a Command & Conquer fan, or seen reliable indications of an online metafictional following! Please do not send us Tanya slashfiction, either. That is most unwelcome.)

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  14. Entertainment

    So, Here is a 4chan-type Guy Rapping About Mass Effect 2

    Well, this was inevitable. The abysmal tedium of Mass Effect 2's mining segments has been well-known since initial reviews of the game came out; however, the minigame has now inspired minor nerdcore sensation Kabuto the Python (above) to pen a rap about his frustration with BioWare's design choices. Sample lyrics: "I used to rock microphones, rhymin' in the stadium/These days I launch probes, mining for palladium/Slouched at my console crying from the tedium/I contemplate relations with the slimiest of aliens." Video below: technically NSFW, but if your boss doesn't care about your listening to tracks about Mass Effect at work, we don't think the obscenities per se are going to be an issue.

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  15. Gaming

    Ten Edible Board Games

    We thought you'd never ask!

    For some reason, the rectangular shapes and smooth detailing of hobby board games -- especially those slightly abstract yet adorably representative Eurogames -- makes gamers long for the sweet, sweet taste of cake. Delicious cake.

    And sometimes, those gamers happen to actually be good at baking! And to produce edible versions of the board games that, while not so arcane and complex as to be unplayable, are still obscure enough that playing them doesn't evoke memories of family Monopoly sessions.

    So! Behold! Ten board games, presented in cake form!

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