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  1. Entertainment

    #CancelColbert Kind of Worked: He’s Taking Over The Late Show From David Letterman

    Stephen Colbert is taking over as host of The Late Show (and so can you!) He's been rumored to be the frontrunner for the past few days, but CBS just announced it officially. This is going to take his on-again-off-again best friendship/worst enemy-ship with Jimmy Fallon to a whole other level.

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  2. Science

    L.A. Science Teacher Suspended for Teaching Science

    Science can be dangerous, and apparently so can teaching it. A Los Angeles high school science teacher was suspended back in February, because two students made science projects that administrators of the Unified Los Angeles Schooled District deemed "dangerous." You're doing education wrong, administrators.

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  3. Entertainment

    Comics to Read After Last Night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode “Turn, Turn, Turn”

    SHIELD changed things up this week by having more than one interesting thing happen in an episode, but they stuck to their guns in terms of pulling a lot more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe than its comic book one. Still, I'll do my best to give you some interesting follow up reading material.

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  4. Space

    New Method Could Turn Astronaut Pee Into Drinking Water and Fuel

    Pee and other human waste (poop) are a problem in space. Processing astronaut urine for useable drinking water is nothing new on board the International Space Station, but a new process can recycle that urine into both water and energy—and it's not just limited to space. We could all soon be generating pee-fuel.

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  5. Tech

    GoldieBlox Is Back with Another Adorable Commercial, Hopefully They Cleared the Song This Time

    GoldieBlox got into some trouble with The Beastie Boyz over one of their earlier commercials that parodied the song "Girls," but they won't let that keep them down. They're back with a new commercial showing off their engineering toys for girls, and they've brought some interesting statistics along with them.

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  6. Space

    Still Not Aliens: NASA Says That Flash of Light Seen by Curiosity Rover Isn’t What UFO Speculators Think It Is

    The above image is making it's way around UFO sites and news outlets alike. It's a photo taken by the Mars Curiosity rover on April 3rd, and it doesn't show aliens. Relax, Internet.

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  7. Weird

    Today We Learned: Japanese “Fart Battle” Scrolls Exist

    Let's talk about farts. Specifically, fart battles as depicted in these hundreds-of-years-old Japanese "he-gassen" scrolls. They're a real thing, and they might be the best real thing we've seen today. Check out some more examples below.

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  8. Gaming

    Scrabble Will Officially Add a Word Based on Popular Opinion, What Could Go Wrong?

    We'd all love to add words to the official Scrabble Dictionary—especially when you're mid-game and frustrated that J-A-W-X-I-N-G-S isn't a word because you'd get SO MANY POINTS! Hasbro's been holding a bracket-style competition (because March), and they're down to the final four. The winner will become an official word.

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  9. Entertainment

    Episode 25 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Chocolate Cookie Biscuit Physics” Is Ready for Your Ears!

    The fundamental question of this week's podcast is "Does adding chocolate to something fundamentally change its orientation?" At least I thought it was. The rest of Team Geekosystem was just excited I brought cookies.

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  10. Science

    [Updated] We’re Taking More Questions for Our Friend Bill Nye!

    Our Friend Bill Nye (pictured above to the right of some goofy-looking person) will be taking some Geekosystem reader questions in an upcoming episode of StarTalk Radio's Video Cosmic Queries. Ask away in the comments, or on social media with #OurFriendBillNye. You have until Wednesday Night!

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  11. Entertainment

    The Simpsons Spoof Minecraft With Couch Gag, and David Letterman Gets an Early Retirement Present

    Last night's episode of The Simpsons started with a Minecraft version of the opening couch gag, but perhaps more impressive is that the team of animators also managed to turn around a David Letterman tribute between his retirement announcement Thursday and Friday when the video went up on YouTube.

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  12. Entertainment

    Missed Last Night’s Premiere of HBO’s Silicon Valley? Watch It Free Right Here!

    Last night, the new season of that Chair Games show or whatever it's called premiered on HBO, but I was more excited about Mike Judge's Silicon Valley. If you missed the premiere thanks to HBO GO being a piece-of-garbage service, then you can watch the first episode right here.

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  13. Science

    New Atomic Clock Is Most Accurate in the World, Sets a New Official U.S. Time Standard, Doesn’t Actually Tell Time

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has unveiled the new NIST-F2 atomic clock. It is three times as accurate as its predecessor and will be used to as the new standard measure of one second in the United States—but it can't actually tell you what time it is.

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  14. Weird

    FBI Busts Indiana Archaeologist With Thousands of Artifacts

    The FBI has seized thousands of archaeological artifacts from 91-year-old amateur archaeologist Don Miller. It's unclear if Miller actually broke any laws with his collection, but the FBI plans to return at least some of the items to their country of origin. That could take a while considering the size and range of the collection.

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  15. Entertainment

    Watch David Letterman Announce His Coming Retirement From The Late Show

    It started as a rumor yesterday, but it's true. David Letterman is retiring from The Late Show after more than thirty years. This clip from last night's show isn't particularly emotional. Letterman keeps it light. Still, there's never been a time in my life when Letterman wasn't on television. He was a big influence. He'll be missed.

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