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  1. Entertainment

    13 Awesome Fantasy Songs You Need to Hear

    Fantasy finally started to hit the mainstream when 2001's The Fellowship of the Ring turned out to be an amazing film, but short of movie soundtracks and video games, music with fantasy themes never really did. Science fiction crops up now and again in the pop culture zeitgeist, mostly in film, but for some reason fantasy remains a harder sell to serious-minded adults. Kids? Sure. Harry Potter and all that. But oh man, there's so much out there, and a lot of it's in music. You absolutely need to know about some of the amazing fantasy songs that exist, so that plausible deniability can no longer be your excuse.

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  2. Tech

    This Scooter-Car’s a Befuddling Sight to Behold [Video]

    Everyone likes those tiny little smart cars, right? They're adorable, and in big cities -- and only in big cities -- they make good sense. Well, now there's another mode of urban transportation in the works. Research center TUM Create seems to have reinvented the wheel by creating a new multipurpose vehicle that combines elements of a scooter, a car, and I daresay a rickshaw. Called the VOI, the two-wheeler is intended for use in heavily populated cities.

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  3. Gaming

    This Homemade Fallout Monopoly Board’s Clearly the Best Birthday Present

    The only way you can make Monopoly an enjoyable game is to add zombies, some dystopian sci-fi, or possibly the Powerpuff Girls, but you know what else might work? The post-apocalyptic, alternate history trappings of the Fallout video game series. Which is exactly what someone on Reddit totally did for their wife's birthday.

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  4. Weird

    Newly Discovered Mold Named After Dutch Royals, Presumably as a Compliment

    If you're in line to be king, there's all kinds of ambitions and fears that might be playing through your head: Will you be a good king? Will you make a difference? Will the Lannisters cut off your head? One thing you probably wouldn't be wondering: Will someone name a mold after me? Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is getting a newly discovered mold species named after him -- and his whole family.

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  5. Gaming

    Nintendo Shutters Some Wii Online Services, Would Really Like You to Buy a Wii U

    Nintendo sure would love it if you went out and bought a Wii U, their shiny console which is still warm from the factory. Particularly because it's a product they're still supporting. It's actually best if you don't even look at the older ones. They don't really count anymore. In fact, Nintendo is shutting down a some of the Wii's online services -- you don't use those anymore, right? They seem to assume not.

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  6. Tech

    How to Make an Awesome Google Street View Video

    To me, the Street View function of Google Maps is generally more entertaining than necessarily helpful, but it's a good tool for scoping out a place you intend to visit. But the creative people of Teehan+Lax have found a new way to use the tool: Google Street View Hyperlapse, a Chrome-based gadget that lets you make an awesome video sequence out of Street View images. Basically, it allows you to pretend to be the Flash anywhere the Google Street View car has been, thereby fulfilling at least several childhood dreams here in the Geekosystem office.

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  7. Science

    These Little Birds Squawk to Attract Predators, Blackmail Their Parents for Food

    As was pointed out in The Walking Dead, a zombie apocalypse a hungry, crying baby is likely going to attract the undead and put everyone in serious danger. Similarly -- though in less apocalyptic circumstance -- the loud squawks of a hungry young pied babbler can blackmail the baby bird's parents into feeding it pronto, before predators also hear their cries. This will be a scenario familiar to anyone who has been exposed to the phenomenon of 'Italian guilt' in their lifetime: "Hey, if you don't come feed me quick, I guess maybe you want predators to eat me. No, it's fine. I guess you can always have more babies."

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  8. Science

    Meet Champa, the First Bear to Undergo Brain Surgery

    Operating on animals is a bit different than putting humans under the knife, due to all kinds of different physiological and even chemical differences. But it's not like it's brain surgery. Y'know, usually. In Laos, a veterinarian recently performed the first ever brain surgery on a bear. Despite her wary -- I daresay resentful-looking -- expression in the photo above, Asiatic black bear Champa is in fact improving after her surgery.

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  9. Science

    Animals Are Drugging Themselves Way More Than We Thought

    Sometimes animals don't need you and your fancy pills. They can get their own meds, thank you very much. It's a phenomenon called zoopharmacognosy, and it's a known thing. A chimp might eat a vomit-inducing plant to purge his system of parasites, or a parrot might eat clay to help with digestion. But the practice of animal self-medication may be far more widespread than we ever knew, says a new study at the University of Michigan.

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  10. Science

    Flesh-Eating Bacteria Repurposed Into Disease-Fighting Glue

    Flesh-eating bacteria just sounds evil. It's known in the medical world as necrotizing fasciitis, which sounds even more sinister. But what if something evil could be turned into something good? For example, biochemist Mark Howarth and his team at the University of Oxford have genetically engineering a disease-fighting "superglue" out of one of the microbes that can create flesh-eating bacteria.

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  11. Tech

    This Software Looks At Your Face, Knows Your Name

    My brother John just has that John look about him. He's just got know, weird John look. Could you tell looking at him? I don't know, probably not. (And I wouldn't recommend it.) But you know what probably could? New software, created at Cornell University, can take a look at your face and take an educated guess on what your name is. That's right, it's profiling you. Because it's not enough to empower robots with cloud intelligence or crime prediction -- now we're letting them collect our faces. What can go wrong?

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  12. Tech

    Survey Says: American TV Watchers Can’t Handle Only One Screen at a Time

    You might think you're happy just watching TV, but if you're American, you might also suddenly feel the need to figure out where else you've seen that actor -- you know, What's-His-Face -- while you're watching. Best to look him up on IMDb with your smartphone, maybe even see if Netflix has it. Also, you might want to check if anyone commented on your Facebook status before the show's over. See, a new survey conducted by NPD says that TV-watching Americans are increasingly unsatisfied with just one screen at a time. 87% of viewers with a second-screen device will use it while watching the first one.

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  13. Science

    Being Lazy May Not Be Your Fault, Say Scientists Who Aren’t

    Good news, couch potatoes! It may not be your fault that you don't want to get off your butt and be productive. In a display of not at all being lazy themselves, researchers at the University of Missouri have deduced that genetic traits might make some people prone to low motivation and inactivity.

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  14. Gaming

    Learn Java By Casting Spells, Saving Gnomes in a First-Person Video Game

    What skills does your favorite video game give you? When you're done burning through the 12+ hours of BioShock Infinite, what'll you have to show for it? Probably a few enhanced motor skills and the aesthetic appreciation that comes with being immersed in a compelling story. That's certainly not nothing. For developing employable, useful skills, though, one game's got all the rest beat. Computer scientists at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have created a video game that teaches students how to program in Java by casting spells and saving the world. A world of creepy, creepy little gnomes.

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  15. Science

    This Fish Has Clear Blood, No Scales, But Still Has a Big Heart

    The deep ocean has all the coolest creatures. Fish with bioluminescence, giant isopods, gulper eels. If it's weird, glowing, or inhabits your nightmares, Earth's depths probably has it. But have you heard of the Ocellated Ice Fish, the deep-dwelling aquatic vertebrate in the Antarctic Ocean that has completely transparent blood? It's not scary, but it is exotic and its unusual physical traits don't end there, either.

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