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Max Eddy is a child of the midwest and a student of the mysterious universe in which we live. He enjoys fine beers and rare gins, and hopes to one day get his steamboat pilot's license. Concerned with space travel, public transportation, blimps, and adorable puppies he brings a fresh, robotic rabbit voice to Geekosystem. He is happy to serve you.

  1. Entertainment

    Check Out This Astonishing LEGO Helm’s Deep from LoTR

    The battle of Helm's Deep is a highlight of the Two Towers film, and the iconic design of the Rohirrim stronghold has clearly made a big impression on the geek world. It certainly resonated with Daniel Z, who built this remarkable minifig-scale LEGO diorama for an Oslo department store window, and it is spectacular. See more pictures, after the break.

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  2. Entertainment

    A Tale of Two Starships: Neil deGrasse Tyson Decides Which Enterprise is Best

    At SDCC's annual Starship Smackdown, the final decision as to the best fictional starship came down to what is perhaps the toughest choice a nerd has to make: Star Trek's USS Enterprise NCC-1701 or the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A. That's, the spaceship from the Original Series versus the "refit" from the original movies. Thankfully, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was on hand to settle the dispute. See the video, after the break.

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  3. Science

    Scientists May Have Spotted a Tiny, Magma-Covered Exoplanet

    While observing the exoplanet GJ 436b orbiting its red-dwarf star, astronomers noticed something odd: Periodic fluctuations in light from the star indicating that there was perhaps another planet. One smaller than Earth, and possibly covered in glowing, molten rock. Who's up for a trip to Magma World?

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  4. Tech

    U.K. Judge Orders Apple to Publish Statement Saying Samsung Didn’t Rip Them Off

    The patent war between Apple and Samsung was already weird enough, with each company attempting to block the sale of the other's tablets in courts around the world. Now, a U.K. judge is requiring that Apple place a notice on their website and in several newspapers stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad. Will this public embarrassment be enough to end the war?

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  5. Tech

    Imagine a World Where This 2004 iPad Mockup Was Real

    Apple's iPad tablet was instantly iconic when it was unveiled in 2010, but it apparently has a very long history. Recent court documents related to the company's ongoing patent war with Samsung have revealed a mockup of a hypothetical tablet, giving us an idea of what Apple was thinking all those days ago. See more, after the break.

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  6. Entertainment

    Pitbull is Totally Going to Kodiak Walmart, Bringing the Guy That Engineered His Exile

    Hey remember that time that a bunch of people on the Internet took it upon themselves to send popular entertainer Pitbull to a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska? Well, the unflappable Pitbull has taken it in stride and is not only going to make the trek, but will be bringing the prank's mastermind with him. Well played, Mr. Pitbull.

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  7. Tech

    Report: Windows Phones Will Only Grab 4% of Smartphone Market in 2012

    If you're on a site like this, you're probably also the type of person that notices what kind of devices the people around you are using. Probably seems like like, despite a big push from Microsoft, Windows Phones are decidedly rare. Almost as if 96% of the people around you weren't using them. Well my friend, your powers of observation are prodigious, because that is exactly correct, and doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon.

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  8. Tech

    Vibrating Glove Teaches Piano, Helps Patients Recover After Spinal Cord Injuries

    With a name like "Mobile Music Touch," what might spring to mind is an awkwardly named iPhone app in some way related to music. But its actually a novel treatment for people who have lost sensation in their hands from a spinal cord injury. Not only does it have therapeutic benefits, but it also teaches people to play the piano in the process.

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  9. Space

    You (Yes, You!) Can Experience the Terror of Landing a Multi-Billion Dollar Rover on Mars With XBox Kinect!

    Early next month, the 2,000 pound Curiosity rover will finally touch down on the surface of Mars and just doing that will require one of the most ingenious and daring landings that NASA has yet attempted. Now, Earthlings can try their hand at conquering the "seven minutes of terror" with a new Kinect game for Xbox. Unlike the space program, this one is completely free!

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  10. Science

    500 Trillion Watt Laser Shot Sets Record, Brings Us Closer to Fusion Power

    The National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has passed an astounding milestone with a 500 trillion watt laser shot. This record breaking achievement not only confirms that the NIF can function at the levels to which it was originally designed, but brings the promise of clean fusion power just a little bit closer.

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  11. Tech

    Barnes & Noble Launch In-Browser eBook Reader “NOOK For Web”

    Well, it's about time. Barnes & Noble is finally following up its string of solid eReaders with a web interface appropriately called NOOK for Web. While they are certainly lagging behind Amazon, that eBook juggernaut, this now means that NOOK books can be read on any device.

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  12. Science

    You Can Now Tour Historic Antarctica from Home With Google Street View

    Google could already take you to some pretty amazing places with Google Maps, but their World Wonders project has upped the ante with remarkable locations from across the globe accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Now Antarctica, once considered the last frontier, can be wandered with street view. But more importantly: There are penguins.

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  13. Weird

    Great News: IKEA Sells Beer Now

    With the addition of beer at some of its U.K. stores, we here at Geekosystem now figure that you can buy everything you need at IKEA. Cheap beds, affordable desks, surprisingly good meatballs, cheap hotdogs, and now Öl Mörk Lager.

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  14. Tech

    Google’s Nexus 7 Might Finally Kill Unboxing Videos [Video]

    Unboxing videos need to die. Thankfully, the Google's Nexus 7 tablet might just be the thing to push this boring genre over the edge. Turns out the dang thing is really, embarrassingly, hard to get out of its cocoon of packaging. YouTube user Jean-Louis Nguyen demonstrates just how difficult by creating this wonderful montage of 15 troublesome unboxing videos.

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  15. Entertainment

    This Weekend Was Kaiju-Tastic at Comic-Con, Sneak Peeks of Godzilla and Pacific Rim

    San Diego Comic-Con is always a time for big announcements, but few could be bigger than those surrounding the upcoming Godzilla reboot and Guillermo del Toro's giant robots vs. monsters movie Pacific Rim. Both feature baddies on an enormous scale, and both draw from a long tradition of Japanese cinema. They also sound really, really exciting.

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