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  1. Weird

    A Polite Discussion on How to Properly Throw a Raccoon

    As you may or may not be aware, Digg founder Kevin Rose made waves on the Internet over the past couple days by posting a security video where, in an effort to save his dog Toaster, he tossed a raccoon down a flight of stairs. Part of this interest comes from the inevitable group calling his actions "animal abuse," but the other segment of viewers are surely tuning in simply because, well, it's Rose tossing a raccoon. It's with this in mind that we present a polite discussion on how to properly throw a raccoon.

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  2. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/19

    Today in Geekolinks: In defense of athletes who text people photos of their penises, Tumblr doesn't care how you feel about its censorship crusade, and we're getting Gail Simone Tomb Raider comic.

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  3. Gaming

    Steam Summer Sale: Day 9 Deals

    We've reached the ninth day of the Steam Summer Sale, and the hits keep on coming. What should you buy? Should you just wait? All that and more below. Well, at least "all that."

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  4. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/18

    Today in Geekolinks: 10 parody books that will crack you up, Tara Strong to reprise role as Batgirl, and Vancouver man arrested for firing his gun blames Biden.

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  5. Gaming

    Steam Summer Sale: Day 8 Deals

    Another day, another set of Daily Deals from the Steam Summer Sale. It's the eighth day, and while this is frankly the least varied group of deals, it also includes the one Daily Deal we'd recommend over all others. Hit the jump to see what we mean.

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  6. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/17

    Today in Geekolinks: On Xena and a lack of female villains, 25 great sitcoms you can watch on YouTube right now, and Adam WarRock's "Gipsy Danger" song.

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  7. Gaming

    Steam Summer Sale: Day 7 Deals

    Oops! Someone over at Valve posted the Daily Deals for the seventh day of the Steam Summer Sale a little early. We're totally cool with that, and it looks like today is going to potentially be a big one. Never fear, however, as we've highlighted the best ones below now that the sale is live.

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  8. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/16

    Today in Geekolinks: Jobs gets an Instagram trailer, NBC's Heroes to return in comic book form, and Matt Harvey asks New Yorkers what they think about Matt Harvey.

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  9. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/15

    Today in Geekolinks: Johnny Dep must be stopped, even Jay-Z has problems on this Tumblr, and the history of CTRL + ALT + DEL.

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  10. Gaming

    Steam Summer Sale: Day 5 Deals

    In case you missed it, the Steam Summer Sale is still going strong, and it's just now entered the fifth day. What new odds and ends does the store have for us today? Well, it's a pretty diverse lot, and chances are good that you'll be spending a little bit of money today.

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  11. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/12

    Today in Geekolinks: An evolutionary study of movie robots, hacker conference asks feds to stay away, and why you should back Grace From Outer Space.

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  12. Gaming

    Steam Summer Sale: Day 2 Deals

    It's the second day of the Steam Summer Sale! There are more than a few Daily Deals that are worth your time and money, but the second day also includes hints at what will be featured for the rest of the sale.

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  13. Gaming

    Watch Evo 2013 Live Right Here

    The Evolution Championship Series is the biggest and baddest fighting video game tournament out there. You've probably heard it mentioned on social media, often as just "Evo," with lots of anticipation attached. There's good reason for this: It's kind of amazing. Even if video games really aren't your thing, or maybe just not fighting games, watching Evo is a definitive lesson in what kind of skill it actually takes. Evo runs from July 12th to July 14th, so sit back, relax, and watch it live below.

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  14. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/11

    Today in Geekolinks: 11 amazing hotel amenities totally worth the trip, the 50 essential movie musicals, and if you're going to SDCC, don't be these dudes.

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  15. Gaming

    The Steam Summer Sale is Here! Tips to Not Make Your Wallet Hate You

    It's really happening, people. This is not a drill: The Steam Summer Sale is now live. For those that are Steam sale veterans, it's a known fact that it's easy to get carried away with the deep discounts. Suddenly, your cash reserve is hurting, and there's no going back. Well, here's a few tips and tricks that are a mixture of common sense and understanding past Steam sale behavior that'll serve you well during your bargain hunting.

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