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  1. Entertainment

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Honest Trailer Reminds Us How Bad It Really Was

    Just when you thought our five-year nerd rage over the cinematic garbage that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was finally beginning to simmer down, the avid film aficionados over at Screen Junkies have to reopen old wounds and throw in the salt with their latest Honest Trailer tearing apart the aforementioned rubbish blockbuster. Pointing out every single flaw -- which is a tad redundant since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a whole is a major flaw -- with keen observations that lay down the snark in spades, we're finding it difficult to laugh and control our seething anger at the same time. Damn that cheesy scene of Shia LeBeouf swinging with the monkeys to Hades! Damn it all!

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  2. Gaming

    Searching for Pokémon X on Google Leads to Porn, Because Of Course It Does

    Futilely wishing that this development won't be used as more justification for the misinformed anti-video game agendas of parent groups and law makers worldwide, children in Britain were met with the most unexpected of search results when scouring Google for anything related to the next installment in the Pokémon game franchise, Pokémon X: Links to a hardcore pornography website. Parents across the country no doubt spat out gallons of tea in shocked reaction to their children seeing what cannot be unseen, with many reaffirming that the Internet still has a way to go in regards to blocking minors from inadvertently stumbling upon unwholesome content.

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  3. Gaming

    Trailer for Suda 51′s Killer is Dead Makes Absolutely No Sense, Perfect the Way It Is

    He may not be recognized in the same vein as more famous video game visionaries such as Shigeru Miyamoto or Hideo Kojima by the mainstream media, but when news hits that Suda 51 is working on a new game, you can more than bet that the gaming community will drop what they're doing and clamor to learn more about what exactly is up the cult designer's bizarre sleeve. Following in the noble tradition of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, Suda 51's latest video game phantasmagoria of crazy characters, intense action, and blood spray galore is Killer is Dead: An unhinged story set in the near-future where cybernetic implants are the norm and assassin work is quite the lucrative business. Mortal words don't do this game justice, so it's in your best interest to check out the debut trailer for yourself.

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  4. Weird

    It Means He Likes You: “Tailly” Lets People Know How You Really Feel in the Creepiest Way Possible

    Have you ever thought to yourself that, thanks to our ability to form intelligible sentences and verbalize our current emotional state, we lost touch with those simpler primal days when such interactions were accomplished with visual cues? No, of course not, we're humans and evolution's divine providence saw to it that we ditch any superfluous appendages like tails for our own sake. One individual -- a self-proclaimed inventor by the name of Shota Ishiwatari -- seems to have a dissenting opinion on this matter since he has already begun soliciting financial backing on Indiegogo for his latest product called Tailly: A wearable tail that wags in relation to one's heart rate. We have no doubt in our minds that it will catch on in Japan, but for Western markets, Ishiwatari has plenty of convincing to do.

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  5. Tech

    New FaceWash App Will Figuratively Wash Your Facebook Account’s Dirty Mouth Out with Soap

    Never in the history of the universe has there ever been something as contradictory as our equal love and outright hatred for social media, chief among them being Facebook. While Mark Zuckerberg's grand creation has enabled us to stay connected with friends and family no matter where they are in the world, we never stopped to consider the consequences of posting updates, photos, and other private information online. Those inclined to immediately post a series of photos highlighting a night of drunken escapades can only pray that no one saw what they did at Burger King at 3 in the morning. Thankfully, a recently released web app cleverly named FaceWash can help pull your sullied reputation out from the mud.

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  6. Gaming

    Sony Releasing PlayStation 4 After New Xbox, Will Allegedly Give Them an Edge

    There was once a time when Sony never would have dreamed of letting the competition get a head start reaching the market before any of their PlayStation consoles. But going into 2013, the company has achieved some level of mature wisdom since releasing the PlayStation 3, with Sony's CEO, Kaz Hirai, hinting that the upcoming PlayStation 4 will be released after Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360. Certainly a bold statement on Hirai's part, especially when buzz around Sony's corporate office seems to be saying otherwise.

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  7. Science

    Justice in a Half Shell: Researchers Demand the Cayman Turtle Farm Be Shut Down

    Despite Finding Nemo's interpretation of sea turtles as carefree and high as a kite, these guys have it pretty rough. From taking decades to reach sexual maturity to having a majority of their eggs devoured by predators, a sea turtle's existence amounts to nothing but hard knocks from the nest to the grave, though they're above complaining about it. But as if that wasn't enough, the cruel whim of destiny sometimes dictates that sea turtles end up in sleazy aquariums so filthy that they might as well be swimming in a tank of toilet water. Such was the case when Dr. Phillip Arena -- a lecturer with a PhD in reptile biology at the Student Learning Centre at Murdoch's Peel -- and a team of researchers from the U.K.'s Emergent Disease Foundation investigated evidence of the shabby conditions at the Cayman Islands' Cayman Turtle Farm that threatened the welfare of its shelled residents.

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  8. Gaming

    Game Over: Atari Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Atari Inc. and three of it affiliates in the U.S. are throwing in the towel. Filing for Chapter 11 reorganization in a New York State bankruptcy court, Atari Inc. aims to disentangle itself from its French parent company Atari S.A. -- originally Infogrames -- in a similar manner to how we scootch a few seats down the table to sit away from a creepy relative at family gatherings. If the American company successfully dissolves its ties to floundering France-based parent, Atari Inc.'s leaders intend to shift game development and publishing focus on digital and mobile platforms, though there are no specifics right now on what that might look like. Doesn't matter, really, since we all know they'll likely just churn out yet another modern update of Pong or Asteroids.

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  9. Weird

    World War II Lard Washes Ashore St. Cyrus Nature Reserve Beach, Apparently Still Good for Fryin’

    Plenty of strange and wondrous wash up on the beach every now and then: Shells, pieces of coral, dead and largely indeterminate ocean life that news networks and "experts" are quick to label as a sea monster. The usual stuff, but staff members at the St. Cyrus nature reserve in Angus, Scotland were surprised to find white, barnacle-encrusted blobs of lard washed ashore a nearby beach after a storm had hit the coast. Fortunately, the lard is believed to have originated from the wreck of a sunken WWII-era merchant vessel and not the leftover medical waste from Poseidon's regular liposuction procedures.

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  10. Weird

    4-Year-Old Girl Has All Her Teeth Capped With Silver Crowns, Ends Up Looking Like James Bond Villain

    Why is that when we were children, our teeth were disturbingly susceptible to practically every manner of dental affliction, with afternoons most often spent reading outdated Highlights magazines in a dentist's office? Some of us got off easy during childhood dental visits, typically receiving a stern lecture on the virtues of oral hygiene and the Satanic evils of candy consumption. Others, well, had to endure having their cavity-riddled teeth bored through with a Black & Decker power drill. Either way, none of those experiences really compare to what happened to four-year-old Savannah White when she walked in for a teeth filling and left the room with enough silver crowns to make her look like the famous James Bond villain Jaws.

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  11. Weird

    This Video of People Slipping on Ice is Eight Minutes of Pure Schadenfreude

    There are quite a few people out there who are quick to point out that slipping on ice is never a laughing matter. Admittedly, they're half right in their belief, but what those killjoys fail to grasp is that it all depends on the context. See, when you fall down flat on your face when trying to traverse an icy surface, it's not at all funny. Now if someone else, on the other hand, takes a spill, then by all means, feel free to giggle a little bit -- even if this brief moment of relishing in another's public humiliation is frowned upon. Better yet, whip out the camera and start filming the poor saps getting acquainted with the icy concrete that, up until a few seconds ago, was beneath their feet. That's what one person did when some hapless pedestrians thought they'd make it across a frozen sidewalk with their dignity in one piece.

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  12. Gaming

    PlayStation 4 May Drop the DualShock Controller Design

    They say when something isn't broken, don't fix it, and Sony's DualShock controllers -- first released in 1997 for the original PlayStation system -- is a prime example of this timeless maxim. Applauded for its intuitive design and general comfort, Sony has been sticking with virtually the same controller design for the last 16 years, experiencing only minor tweaks that never diluted what made it so popular with the gaming community. With the PlayStation 3 gradually fading into the background to make room for its successor, it has been reported that Sony will be eschewing the tried-and-true DualShock route in favor of a new controller utilizing touch screens and other features for the fourth installment of their best-selling line of game consoles.

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  13. Entertainment

    Glee Rips Off Jonathan Coulton’s “Baby Got Back” Cover, Proves They’re a Pop Culture Menace

    We think it's safe to say that Glee's propensity for taking classic songs and mutating them into teenybopper renditions that stab away at both our ear drums and patience knows absolutely no bounds, but it's still -- as much as we hate to say this -- 100% legit given that the original artists willingly sign away their souls to the show's executives for their thirty pieces of silver. Today, however, it was discovered by geek culture's favorite singer/songwriter, Jonathan Coulton, that what Glee wants, Glee will most certainly take without so much as permission and proper licensing. The show has apparently given a take on Coulton's cover version of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" practically verbatim, and the singer and his army of fans are up in arms over the show's apparent audacious and ill-conceived move.

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  14. Gaming

    Nintendo Continues to Disappoint Wii U Owners With Major Title Delays

    Regardless of sales, Nintendo's latest console entry, the Wii U, has been met mostly with a tepid reception from the gaming community and hasn't gotten much market traction since last year. With a library of titles ranging from the mundane to recycled material seen months ago on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Nintendo didn't exactly make as much of a presence as they needed this past holiday season. The company's PR may dwindle further going into 2013 since it's been announced to the chagrin of all that highly anticipated titles such as Pikmin 3 and Game & Wario would experience delays, though it was promised they'd hit shelves no later than this spring. While it's common for one game to be held back until a later date, so many at one time is just an egregious bungle.

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  15. Gaming

    Final Fantasy: All the Bravest’s All Colors and Noise, Hard to Say What Else

    Though we certainly can't get enough of them, video games like the Final Fantasy series aren't for everybody -- some people just don't appreciate the obsessive micromanaging that comes with the territory. Probably influenced by the closed-minded few that feel RPGs tediously plod along, Square Enix has just released Final Fantasy: All the Bravest for iOS devices everywhere: A game that brings everything you loved about the 16-bit generation of Final Fantasy games, but pumps it full of near lethal amounts of caffeine and amphetamines.

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