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Susana Polo was the first intern on Geekosystem, which in her head means that she's the Nightwing to Robert's Batman, eventually had a falling out with Robert and moved to Blüdhaven and grew a mullet. Well, actually, she just went off to run from the same desk right next to Robert's and there was no dramatic tension or resolution, but she just likes comics a lot. IRL Susana is a New Jersey grown Oberlin College alum, off-again-on-again amateur musician, a level 85 Female Dwarf Hunter, and a writer (of fiction). Her favored class is Paladin, and her upper left canine tooth is in backwards.

  1. Entertainment

    Dilbert Creator Addresses Men’s Rights, Saddens All of Humanity

    A few days ago, Scott Adams, creator of the long running comic strip Dilbert, asked the commenters on his blog for a topic to write about, and the overwhelming vote was for him to take up the cause of Men’s Rights Activism for a post. I guess there are a lot of masculinists who also enjoy bland but occasionally funny cubicle farm humor? Never would have guessed. Well, let’s see how Adams handles the controversial topic:

    The reality is that women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently. It’s just easier this way for everyone. You don’t argue with a four-year old about why he shouldn’t eat candy for dinner. You don’t punch a mentally handicapped guy even if he punches you first. And you don’t argue when a women tells you she’s only making 80 cents to your dollar. It’s the path of least resistance. You save your energy for more important battles.
    Well, shit. >>>Full story at The Mary Sue.

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  2. Entertainment

    Darren Aronofsky No Longer Directing The Wolverine

    Well, this about ruins everything: Darren Aronofsky, citing his desire to spend time with his family, is not going to be directing The Wolverine after all.

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  3. Entertainment

    ’90s Nickelodeon Shows Are Coming Back

    Just an introduction, before we blow your mind: a few weeks ago, a fake internal memo from Nickelodeon circulated on the internet, proclaiming that the kids television network had bowed to years of older fans clamoring for a way to watch it’s classic shows, and would be producing new episodes of Doug, Rugrats, The Angry Beavers, and more. So yeah, new episodes, very unlikely. Except now it is almost true. >>> Full story at The Mary Sue.

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  4. Gaming

    The Mary Sue/Geekosystem PAX East 2011 Harmonix Giveaway!

    Calling all attendees of PAX East! We've got three sets of Harmonix goodies to give away, including hats, stickers, pins, bottle openers, wrist bands, track packs, some DLC codes thrown in for good measure, and signed copies of the very first software titles that the makers of Rock Band ever put out (hint, it's not Rock Band). How do you sign up? You find us. Well, me. Susana, the official The Mary Sue/Geekosystem PAX representative, at this weekend's PAX East, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Tickets are sold out, so I hope you've got yours already. How are you going to find me?

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  5. Entertainment

    10 Cliches That Are Old as Time Itself

    Classics Majors, this one's for you. See, it turns out, there's are a lot of storytelling conventions out there that aren't original... and haven't been for quite a bit longer than you might expect.

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  6. Entertainment

    First Look at the Next Airbender

    Ever since that James Cameron movie quietly hit the box office, people who want to talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender have had to be specific. So: This is the first official look we’ve gotten at the face of Korra, the heroine of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, the greenlit miniseries and sequel to the Airbender series, which is happening despite the schlock and awe of M. Knight Shyamalan‘s The Last Airbender movie. Seven major castmembers have been announced today, as well as the characters they will be playing. >>>Full details at The Mary Sue.

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  7. Tech

    The Downside of Internet Anonymity for Women

    The Internet is a fascinating place primarily because of its commitment to anonymity. We simply wouldn’t have the web without it. Trolls, spam, scams, controversial Wikipedia edits, WikiLeaks, basic user safety, all are dependent on having a hidden identity. User anonymity is fundamental and inseparable. But ever since the great RealID debacle of 2010, I’ve been thinking about how this same anonymity is a contributing factor to why women and racial/cultural minorities struggle to find acceptance in open anonymous communities like forums, social news communities, and especially online gaming, and whether it’s possible to do anything about that. What are the disadvantages of staying anonymous? Well, it starts with the simple assumptions we make about those around us, and in particular what we assume about the concept “human being” when we have no other input. >>>Full post at The Mary Sue.

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  8. Entertainment

    20 of the Very Best Hipster Disney Princesses

    We're hard at work preparing The Mary Sue for launch next week, but in the meantime we thought you'd like to see one of the things we just put together.  The Mary Sue will go live this coming Monday, but for now feel free to follow us on Twitter @The_MarySue. - Susana

    The Hipster Princesses Meme began humbly, with only Ariel, but unlike its red haired founder, this meme has legs.  It's now expanded to lay its photoshopped plastic spectacles over a wide swath of female Disney characters. We've put nineteen more of our favorites after the jump.  After all, we've been watching this meme since before it became mainstream.

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  9. Entertainment

    Today is A Good Day to Watch All of Star Trek: The Animated Series Online

    Star Trek: The Animated Series, the cartoon that was created to tide fans over from watching Original Series Star Trek until Star Trek: The Motion Picture could be brought to theaters, is now being offered up for instant streaming from Star, completely and utterly free. Which is good, because this stricken-from-continuity, barely animated, too-poor-to-hire-Chekov show, is probably best enjoyed when you didn't have to pay for it. But oh, are there things to enjoy.  Here are some brief selections from a google image search for "star trek the animated series."

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  10. Tech

    Facebook Adds Civil Union, Domestic Partnership Relationship Statuses

    As of today, Facebook gives you two more ways to describe your “it’s complicated.”  Perfectly timed with the passing today of Hawaii’s same-sex civil union law (soon to be signed into law by the state’s governor), Facebook users can now choose “in a civil union” and “in a domestic partnership” from the list of relationship statuses. At least you can in the U.S., Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It’s safe to say that most people on the correct side of the gay marriage argument would really rather that we lived in a society where it wasn’t necessary for anyone to say that they were in a domestic partnership or civil union when what they really wanted was to say they were married.  But as most of us are aware, sometimes, when you say it on the internet hard enough, it comes true.  We’re calling this a win.

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  11. Entertainment

    Incredible Sandman Life Drawing Class/Burlesque Show

    We tend to pass on geeky burlesque here because we don't want to be the site that does a full post whenever a star of the Justice League Porn Parody sneezes. But Dr. Sketchy's recent tribute to Neil Gaiman's Sandman blew us away.  Dr. Sketchy's isn't exactly pure burlesque.  Referring to itself as an Anti-Art School, it's an international franchise that mixes burlesque with life-drawing.  From Wikipedia:
    A Dr. Sketchy's class may consist of a burlesque dancer (such as Veronica Varlow) or some type of performer (drag queens, trapeze artists, or roller derby girls) as the featured model, with drawing contests during breaks. Sketchers are known as "art monkeys", a term borrowed from the Madagascar Institute. Dr. Sketchy's features heavy drinking games, comedic skits and onstage go-go dancing.
    What makes the Sandman tribute so amazing is a combination of costuming, casting, and performer characterization.

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  12. Entertainment

    Casting Sheet For Wonder Woman Reveals Really Obviously Symbolic Names

    The venerable tumblog DC Women Kicking Ass has gotten a hold of the casting sheet for David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot, revealing what looks like the majority of the major characters of the show. The new show will portray a Wonder Woman who is a "powerful C.E.O.", and most of the characters named fall into the category of a CEO's entourage.  A press secretary/best friend, a personal assistant, and a second-in-command-CEO.  Those who don't fall into that category, naturally, are love interests. Honestly, our favorite part?  Liberal use of the phrase "open ethnicity" when used to describe casting requirements.

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  13. Space

    Beautiful HD Slow Motion Experiments

    Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo. What happens when a cameraman spends the night in a Vegas hotel room with a state of the art slow motion camera? ...Pretty things. (via Laughing Squid.)

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  14. Tech

    A 33 Foot Touchscreen Built Using Off-The-Shelf Hardware and Public Domain Software

    The University of Groningen in the Netherlands made this 32.8 ft. by 9.2 ft. touchscreen interface from six expensive cameras... and some "cheap" infrared emitters, 1000 LEDs, some old computers that were sitting around, and some free software. The result is a positively enormous curved screen with a resolution of 4900 by 1700 that can track 100 different touches at a time... and that's just at optimum speeds.  Latency is between 30 and 50 ms. Anyone up for a game of Pong? (Ignore the last minute of video. It's just black. There's no stinger. We were confused, too.) (via Bit Rebels.)

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  15. Weird

    Notable Defenestrations In History

    The Wikipedia page for Defenestration has a list of Notable Defenestrations throughout history. Unfortunately most of them were not committed by The Defenestrator.

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