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Victoria is a geek culture and television fan who hails from New Jersey and who has a cross stitch sampler of Keyboard Cat that she made herself sitting on her desk. She is also a female person. She has a lot of unabashed feelings about Sailor Moon.

  1. Entertainment

    Would Aragorn Participate In Orc Genocide? George R.R. Martin Asks The Tough Questions (And We Try To Answer)

    Yesterday Rolling Stone released a long and compelling interview with A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin about his life and work. Over the course of the interview, he happened to suggest a very interesting rhetorical continuation of the Lord of the Rings series that has made our nerd hearts swell with righteous anger.

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  2. Gaming

    The End Is Nigh: Flappy 2048 Exists

    You know what the most frustrating, addicting game in the world needs? To get mashed up with the other most frustrating, addicting game in the world. Enter Flappy 2048, a game of unspeakable power that will surely bring us all and in the darkness bind us.

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  3. Entertainment

    Here’s a Livestream of the Purina One Cat Café in New York, You’re Welcome

    North America's first ever (pop-up) cat café is officially launching today and will entertain both cat and coffee enthusiasts every day from 10am to 7pm until it closes this Sunday. Luckily we live close enough that we can justify taking a trip to visit the kitties, but if you don't, you can live vicariously through this video stream. (Autoplay warning!)

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  4. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 4/24

    MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP, MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP. MEEP MEEP MEEP! Also, we've got Amazon Prime Pantry, Casual Vacancy, the world's fastest elevator, and more on this morning's Meepolinks. Err, Geekomeeps? Geekolinks.

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  5. Tech

    Lost Amiga Computer Art By Andy Warhol Identifed After 30 Years

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we now officially live in the future. How do I know this? Because we're discovering lost works from celebrated art visionaries not scribbled on napkins or painted over on old canvasses, but on floppy disks. Now it's only a matter of time before we get those jetpacks we were promised.

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  6. Entertainment

    Robert Downey Jr. Fills Our Hearts With Joy, Tweets Hilarious Age of Ultron Set Photo

    If he keeps this up, Downey stands to become the next Patrick Stewart in terms of unadulterated Twitter pic awesomeness. But who's responsible for this hilarious sight gag? Was it Downey himself? Come on, we bet it was probably Downey. Or possibly Jeremy Renner.

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  7. Weird

    25 (Ill-Advised) Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday From the Bard Himself

    When someone's having a birthday, they should be the one to decide how to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, William Shakespeare can not tell us where he'd like to go bar-hopping or what flavor his cake should be, because he's been dead for 398 years. But don't worry! He's left some careful instructions for us, if you know where to look.

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  8. Tech

    NYPD Tries to Start a Trending Hashtag, It Does Not Go So Well

    The NYPD has it pretty rough from a PR perspective (and for admittedly very good reasons). That's why some ingenious intern publicist decided that it would a great idea to start a contest on Twitter and ask users to submit pictures of themselves with police officers from our fair city. Surprise! It backfired.

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  9. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 4/23

    Okay, friends. I think we've officially hit peak Hydra hailing. Good job, team. We've also got some weird U.S. sex laws, terrible movies from wonderful directors, news about a science textbook ~just for ladiiiez~, Titanfall tips, and more on today's Geekolinks.

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  10. Entertainment

    New Flash Gordon Movie in Works at Fox

    Most people reading this are probably only familiar with the Queen soundtracked 1980 Flash Gordon film that saw our titular hero fighting racist stereotypes -- um, "villains" -- and saving the day. That is, unless you've also seen the 1936 film and read the original pulp comic strip. There are racist stereotypes in that, too.

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  11. Entertainment

    The Final Episode of The IT Crowd Is On Hulu, So Now You Have No Excuse Not to Watch It

    If you're a decent, moral Internet user who, unlike the rest of us, doesn't use a proxy service to watch out-of-country videos and never ever pirates stuff that's unavailable in North America, then your patience has paid off! Now you can watch the final episode of The IT Crowd in a totally legal way.

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  12. Weird

    Now You Can Suck on Beer With These Flavored Lollipops

    Once you hit a certain age, lollipops feel like the sort of treat you're not allowed to have anymore—especially because, as I have learned, licking foods in public will often cause creeps to shout things at you. Well, those people can (metaphorically) suck it. Beer-flavored lollipops exist now and nothing will keep me from enjoying them.

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  13. Tech

    Non-Smartphones Could Be All But Extinct in the U.S., Says Recent Consumer Poll

    Like the ancient Walkmans and portable CD players of old, the basic mobile phone might be close to falling almost completely out of use, according to a poll by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. I'm feeling a very poignant sense of nostalgia for buttons right now

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  14. Gaming

    There’s a New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer and Release Date, We’re Suddenly Having Difficulty Focusing

    I'm sorry, I forgot literally everything else in my life that isn't Dragon Age just now. Internet? What's an Internet? I don't know what that is because I am a citizen of Ferelden who will return to my home world of Thedas to lead the Inquisition on October 7th.

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  15. Weird

    Turns out That the Feds Approving Powdered Alcohol Was Maybe Kind of an Accident

    Damn it, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, you have one job: make sure that people don't do really weird and possibly dangerous stuff with alcohol. Well, that and keep little kids from thinking that smoking is cool, or whatever. All right, you have two jobs.

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