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  1. Science

    How Your Body Fights Viruses: An Animation [Video]

    Okay, wait. Your body doesn't fight viruses with an animation. Otherwise Osmosis Jones would be required viewing for all biology classes, and nobody wants that. But as this TED-Ed video explains using easy-to-understand visual metaphors, the way your cells create antibodies to fight off invading viruses is pretty ingenious.

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  2. Entertainment

    A Bunch of Hilarious People Did a Table Read of Space Jam Last Month and We Are So Mad We Weren’t There

    Were you as devastated as we were when you found out that the rumors of a Space Jam sequel starring Kobe Bryant were all fake? Then you, like us, probably had very questionable taste during the '90s. Also, you'll wish you'd been at the UCB theater in Los Angeles to see this surprise table read of Space Jam last month.

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  3. Entertainment

    New Jersey Community College Suspends Professor Because His Daughter Wore a Game of Thrones T-Shirt

    I think we can all agree GoT is not a safe show to watch with your kids. So, upon hearing that a community college recently suspended a professor over a GoT shirt his young daughter was wearing in a picture online, the mind reels at the possibilities. Just what could have been on that t-shirt? Headless Ned Stark? A bunch of naked women?

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  4. Weird

    12 Of The Weirdest Wikipedia Articles You Can Listen To

    Available audio versions of large texts can be very useful for blind and visually-impaired readers, which is why text-to-speech software is so popular. You know what, though? That's not Wikipedia's style. They'd rather get people to record themselves reciting articles about whatever they want -- which makes for some strange subject material.

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  5. Entertainment

    Heroes Reborn Is Already Getting a Prequel Because What Are You DOING, NBC?

    Nothing will ever disappoint a certain generation of TV-watching nerds (cough) quite as devastatingly as Heroes did when it first went downhill, so you can bet that we're all pretty twitchy when discussing the upcoming 13-episode miniseries, Heroes: Reborn. Well... you might want to be sitting down. You're about to get twitchier.

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  6. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 4/17

    Yup, preeeeeetty sure that cat is trying to kill you. We've also got 28 birthday traditions from around the world, Edward Snowden asking Putin some tough questions on live TV, and a Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book on this morning's Geekolinks.

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  7. Entertainment

    Wait, Why Is Amazing Spider-Man 2 Getting a Post-Credit Sequence from Days of Future Past?

    Marvel movies have trained their nerd audiences well; most of us will sit through the entire credit sequence of a film before we even think about getting up to leave the theater. Now it looks like Sony and Fox, AKA the reasons Wolverine and Spider-Man will never get to hang out with Tony Stark, are hoping to capitalize on that training.

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  8. Uncategorized

    Science Says Beards are Only Sexy When Not Everybody Has a Beard

    Today in "stuff you already know if you like dudes and you live in Brooklyn," a recent study seems to suggest that men with beards are only considered more attractive when they're surrounded by a bunch of their clean-shaven friends, and vice versa.  So, you know. This explains a lot about The Hobbit fandom.

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  9. Entertainment

    Hogwarts is Real and It’s Now Offering Online Courses

    Do you miss school so much that you'd start taking totally fake classes in made-up magical subjects? God, you're such an effin' Ravenclaw. Also, put down the grad school applications for a second. We've got something better for you: namely, a website called Hogwarts is Here.

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  10. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 4/16

    Sure, the "wet floor caution sign in the middle of a pool" joke isn't original, but it certainly never gets old. We've got that, the Eisner Award nomination list for 2014, high schools full of snakes, the physics of Captain America's shield, and more on today's Geekolinks.

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  11. Gaming

    League of Legends Bots Will Soon Play Like People

    Playing a complicated strategy/fighting game with artificial intelligence can always be a bit of a crap shoot. You don't have to worry about a fellow player leaving you out to dry, but AI is also usually fiendishly stupid. Now with a new update, LoL bots will maybe be a little dumb so when you need them to be.

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  12. Tech

    We Could Watch This 3D Printed Stop Motion Bear All Day And We Will

    A lot of people are worried that CGI will replace stop motion animation because it's less time-consuming and ultimately less expensive. If this little guy is any indication, however, then stop motion will never go away, because there will always be someone willing to put in a ridiculous amount of effort to make it happen.

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  13. Entertainment

    Rejoice, For Bee and Puppycat Is Getting a Comic Book Series

    Bee and Puppycat is an adorable Magical Girl homage web series that's currently in production after getting funding from the most successful animation-based Kickstarter campaign in history -- and now, it's coming to your comic book shelves, too.

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  14. Weird

    A Whole Bunch of Teenagers Tweeted Bomb Threats at American Airlines Because Humanity Is Terrible

    You'd think that seeing a teenage girl get into actual real-world trouble for tweeting a vague and incredibly-racist terror threat to an airline would make other people want to stop doing that. Of course, that's a fallacy on your part. Teenagers are not people. They are monsters.

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  15. Tech

    Get Your First Glimpse at What the Bigger iPhone Screens Will Probably Look Like

    Everybody and their grandmother complained that the iPhone's screen didn't get any bigger between the 5 and 5s when the latter was released. Well, you can all hakuna your collective matatas, friends. If these photos are any indication, your wish will soon be granted.

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