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    Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 2 in 11 Minutes Will Prepare You for Amazing Spider-Man 2

    I loved (and still love) Spider-Man 2, but not because it was perfect—there was plenty wrong with it. Luckily, a well loved movie with some understandable flaws is just what CinemaSins needs for a good "Everything Wrong With" video, so get ready for Amazing Spider-Man 2 with "Everything wrong with Spider-Man 2."

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    Would Aragorn Participate In Orc Genocide? George R.R. Martin Asks The Tough Questions (And We Try To Answer)

    Yesterday Rolling Stone released a long and compelling interview with A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin about his life and work. Over the course of the interview, he happened to suggest a very interesting rhetorical continuation of the Lord of the Rings series that has made our nerd hearts swell with righteous anger.

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    Introducing Our New Webseries Geek on the Street Episode One “Two Apps and a Lie”

    In the premiere of our new original webseries, I asked the people of Austin to spot the fake app from a list of three. Two of them are real, the other is one we made up but wish was real. Could they spot the one we made up? I also found someone who gave me some advice on lying to people.

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    Here’s a Livestream of the Purina One Cat Café in New York, You’re Welcome

    North America's first ever (pop-up) cat café is officially launching today and will entertain both cat and coffee enthusiasts every day from 10am to 7pm until it closes this Sunday. Luckily we live close enough that we can justify taking a trip to visit the kitties, but if you don't, you can live vicariously through this video stream. (Autoplay warning!)

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    Rich Jerks Love Hulk Hands in This Rap Video

    Remember "Hulk Hands"? Those giant novelty toy gloves that make it look like your hands are really the Hulk's hands? Dave Ebert and Douglas Widick sure do. That's probably why they made this great rap video about two rich jerks who always wear Hulk Hands. Always.

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    Robert Downey Jr. Fills Our Hearts With Joy, Tweets Hilarious Age of Ultron Set Photo

    If he keeps this up, Downey stands to become the next Patrick Stewart in terms of unadulterated Twitter pic awesomeness. But who's responsible for this hilarious sight gag? Was it Downey himself? Come on, we bet it was probably Downey. Or possibly Jeremy Renner.

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    Above Average Asks the Important Questions, Like “Is That Danny Aiello?” in Episode One of Approach the Bench

    When Judge Bob Balaban asks you to approach the bench, you listen—especially if he thinks he's spotted someone famous in the jury. That's what this new series from Above Average shows with scripts taken verbatim from hilarious, real court transcripts (at least, according to the video descriptions).

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    “It’s A Small World” Franchise and Peeps Movie In The Works

    "Let's do Pirates of the Caribbean, but with glockenspiels and scary dolls" is a pitch that sounded great to Disney because the "It's A Small World" ride is going to have its own movie franchise. Not weird enough for you? Good, we're getting a Peeps movie too. Yes, a film about sentient marshmallows! This is truly a magical time to be alive!

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    HBO Signed an Exclusive Deal With Amazon Prime That’s So Close to Being Great News

    Piracy runs rampant on shows from premium networks, and no one knows that better than HBO. Game of Thrones continues to break piracy records, and HBO has finally, mercifully made a deal with Amazon to stream HBO content to Amazon Prime members... at least three years after they air on television, because patience is the Internet's strong suit.

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    New Flash Gordon Movie in Works at Fox

    Most people reading this are probably only familiar with the Queen soundtracked 1980 Flash Gordon film that saw our titular hero fighting racist stereotypes -- um, "villains" -- and saving the day. That is, unless you've also seen the 1936 film and read the original pulp comic strip. There are racist stereotypes in that, too.

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    The Final Episode of The IT Crowd Is On Hulu, So Now You Have No Excuse Not to Watch It

    If you're a decent, moral Internet user who, unlike the rest of us, doesn't use a proxy service to watch out-of-country videos and never ever pirates stuff that's unavailable in North America, then your patience has paid off! Now you can watch the final episode of The IT Crowd in a totally legal way.

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    Mystery Science Theater Creator Might Reboot the Show in the Not Too Distant Future!

    Wired sure knows how to bury the lead. Deep within an interview with Myster Science Theater 3,000 series creator Joel Hodgson, there was a brief discussion of an upcoming reboot of the show. Sure, that topic comes up all the time, but it looks like it might finally happen for real, and the timeframe is as soon as this spring.

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    Here’s Brian Williams Rapping “Gin and Juice” for Your Entertainment, Because Regular TV News Is Boring

    I was expecting this to just be Brian Williams actually rapping, since he's done some great comedy on 30 Rock and Late Night in the past, but this mashup is soooo much better. When you say that many words on TV every night, clever editing can make you say pretty much anything. If we could redo all rap like this, I might actually listen to it.

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    It’s the Geekosystem Podcast Episode 27 “RoboJesus in Space!”

    This week on the Geekosystem podcast, Victoria, Dan, and Carolyn take control since I couldn't be in the office today. Even without me, it's the usual weirdness as the gang talks about cat cafés, RoboJesus, powdered alcohol, and butts.

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    The Landing Page for Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper Is Live (And Also Hilarious)

    While we still wish that Silicon Valley has some female characters to speak of, we'll admit that it's a pretty hilarious look at the inner workings of the tech industry. And of course, what would a show about people working in tech be if it didn't have at least one fake website to show off?

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