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    Twitch Wants You to Play God and Control Another Player’s Fate in Choice Chamber

    People had a lot of fun playing Twitch Plays Pokémon, and it generated a lot of talk about whether Twitch was a viable gaming platform on top of being a hugely successful streaming service. Well, it looks like Twitch has decided that it is certainly a gaming platform, and the company is helping to fund a crowd-generated game.

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    The Saga Is Complete With Super Smash Wars: Return of the Hero Part 2

    We can't get enough of Super Smash Wars, but this is going to have to do, because its reference-fueled brilliance has finally reached the end of the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, it could go on and do the prequel movies, but who wants that? Actually, I do. It would be better than the real prequel movies.

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    League of Legends Bots Will Soon Play Like People

    Playing a complicated strategy/fighting game with artificial intelligence can always be a bit of a crap shoot. You don't have to worry about a fellow player leaving you out to dry, but AI is also usually fiendishly stupid. Now with a new update, LoL bots will maybe be a little dumb so when you need them to be.

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    Metroid and Other Nintendo LEGO CUUSOO Sets Make Us Wish for an Official Partnership

    LEGO CUUSOO sets can be pretty well done, but there isn't one that is perhaps as big of a no-brainer for "this should just be something LEGO already makes" as Nintendo-themed LEGO sets. Nintendo and LEGO are giants in their markets, and those markets overlap in a big way. Why am I not playing with LEGO Samus right now?

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    Zoomin.TV Shows Us Their Favorite 5 Bunnies in Gaming Just In Time For Easter

    Bunnies are probably some of the cutest critters to ever grace us with their fluffy adorable presence. However, they're not always so cute in video games -- in fact, they're often depicted as deadly and even lusty creatures. With Easter on the way, Zoomin.TV wants to treat us to their top 5 bunnies in gaming.

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    Are You Over 24? Then Science Says You Are Already Getting Worse At Video Games

    Thinking about starting a career in competitive gaming at 25? Well, don't bother, because a new study says that by the time you hit 24, you're already past your best-before date in terms of your gaming skills. That's right; gamer middle-age is your early twenties! I'm going to go and feel old in a corner somewhere now.

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    PBS’s Game/Show Examines The Worst Games Ever (And What Makes Them So Bad)

    We've all played a horrifically-awful game and berated ourselves for wasting our time, money, and effort. But what is it, exactly, that makes a game empirically bad? Jamin Warren of PBS's Game/Show takes a look at some of the worst games of all time, and what it is that makes us hate them so very much.

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    Sega Is Producing a Magical Girl Anime Starring Personifications of Their Game Consoles

    Sega's awkward phase just keeps getting stranger. After they ditched manufacturing consoles and transitioned to games only, they've mostly banked on their backlog and Sonic to draw people in, but I wouldn't say it's been a wild success. Now, they're producing an anime based on anthropomorphized versions of their consoles.

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    Take an Extended Look at the Mr. Freeze Arkham Origins DLC “Cold, Cold Heart”

    Batman: Arkham Knight is still a few months away, but if you're jonesing for some more action in the meantime, Arkham Origins is getting a Mr. Freeze-centered DLC story on April 22nd. Here's a look at some of the new gadgets and gameplay in the story "Cold, Cold Heart."

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    A New Study Suggests That Violence Isn’t the Only Reason Behind Gamer Aggression

    We've all had that friend who convinced us that Rainbow Road in Mario Kart was a good idea. Of course, we instantly regretted the decision to drive down that treacherous road because it was impossible to master. Rainbow Road probably made us more unstable than GTA ever did; a new study explains why.

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    Conan Lives Every Child’s Dream by Playing Video Games on One of the World’s Largest Screens

    Conan is the most spectacularly, hilariously bad gamer in the world in his "Clueless Gamer" segments, but he got to live out a fantasy that more adept gamers can only dream of: he played video games on the giant screen in a football stadium. The screen at AT&T stadium is 9th largest in the world, so try not to get too jealous.

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    Here’s What We Learned From the Huge Smash Bros. Info Dump

    A bunch of new characters! New modes and online play detailed! Release windows for 3DS and Wii U versions! Last night's 40-minute Smash Bros. info dump was a lot to take in, so I've gathered the main points together for you in condensed form.

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    Watch Nintendo’s Smash Bros.-Dedicated Nintendo Direct Stream With Us at 6PM ET [Stream Replay Added]

    Nintendo is delivering a Smash Bros.-centric Nintendo Direct stream tonight at 6PM ET, and you can watch it live right here. It's anyone's guess what the big news will be, but Nintendo has already said we'll get a "release window" for the game, and it should be the most in-depth look at the mashup fighter anyone has gotten so far.

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    Move Over, Twitch Plays Pokémon: The New Hotness Is Virtuix Omni Pokémon

    Fighting with thousands of other onlookers just to get your player character to move in the right direction? Pffft. That's so two months ago. Now we'd rather play Pokémon the way that God and Nature intended: by trotting about on an itty bitty treadmill.

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    Lose Hours of Your Life Creating and Destroying Star Systems in Super Planet Crash

    Well, you're not getting anything done for the rest of the day. You're welcome. Instead, you'll be playing Super Planet Crash and building your own star system while trying desperately not to crash planets and stars into each other or the invisible snow globe the universe lives in. That's how the universe works, right?

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