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    [Product Review] Rokit Boost Swage 2 Bluetooth Headphones

    Rokit Boost sent us a pair of their Swage 2 Bluetooth headphones to review. They're simple to use, and surprisingly affordable compared to some other Bluetooth headsets we've seen. That's not to say they're not without their drawbacks.

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  2. Tech

    Want To Avoid Jet Lag? Surprise, There’s A Mathematician-Designed App For That

    One day, when I have a bunch of dollars and tons of free time, I'm going to jet around the world to all the different comic conventions that I always admire from afar. But since I'm going to be traveling so many places, I'll probably be dealing with some crazy jet lag. Luckily, the guys who made the Entrain app have my (metaphorical future) back.

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  3. Tech

    Can Google Glass Solve Privacy Problems With This New Augmented Reality Browser?

    It's no secret that the government is creepily watching you all the time, like that weird dude who was really into you in high school. Many people think Google Glass won't help the matter (cameras on you 24/7?) - but this new augmented reality browser for the Glass might actually solve your privacy problems, instead of exacerbating them.

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  4. Tech

    Sources Say the NSA Kept Heartbleed Bug A Secret And Exploited It For Years

    We've only known about the Heartbleed threat since April 7th, but sources say the bug was no surprise to the NSA. In a violation of trust that may end America's remaining patience for irresponsible surveillance, the NSA kept the coding flaw a secret and left citizens vulnerable to threats from criminals and foreign intelligence agencies for years.

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  5. Tech

    Never Suffer A Paper Jam Again With This Portable Printer That Works Like a Roomba

    Have you ever looked at a roomba and thought, "Gosh, it would be really cool if this automated vacuum cleaner were depositing ink all over my floor?" Probably not, but if it were tinier and you could use it to print out your homework just seconds before class starts, we bet you'd be into it.

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  6. Tech

    Robotic Glasses Promise To Give You Friendlier Eyeballs

    Someone once said that the eyes are the window to the soul. That guy must not have been familiar with "chronic bitchface," which is when your resting facial expression makes you look like you want to set things on fire. Thankfully, now there's a solution for those of us who have to constantly reassure our friends and coworkers that we're not upset.

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  7. Tech

    France Bans Work Emails During Non-Working Hours, What Will French Workers Compulsively Check Now?

    Working in France has some pretty great perks like several weeks of required vacation time and a 35-hour work week (though they've relaxed restrictions on exceeding that limit a bit in recent years). Well, they're going even further to protect their work/life balance by banning work-related email activity after working hours.

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  8. Tech

    Test Servers for Heartbleed Vulnerability With This Handy Browser Tool

    Heartbleed is freaking everybody on the Internet out right now, specifically because as we've learned, it's actually much more complicated than changing your passwords and hoping for the best. If you log in to a server while that server is still vulnerable, you might still be at risk, so you have to make sure that the site is no longer affected.

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  9. Tech

    Gary Busey Stars In This Amazon Fire TV Ad And It Actually Makes Sense

    Usually when I see Gary Busey on camera, I react similarly to how I might if my late grandpa had ever wandered into a commercial set -- so a lot of "Oh no, he must be so confused, let's get him back in his chair at home!" But this Amazon Fire TV spot leans into Busey's penchant for acting a bit nutty, and the end result is just delightful.

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  10. Tech

    A Malware Protection “Placebo” App Made $40,000 by Doing Nothing

    The placebo effect is great, because not only does it psychologically fix things from time to time, but it also tricks you into fun things like believing your car goes faster when you put a bunch of cool stickers on it. It also makes people a bunch of money when they sell an app that does nothing but tell people it's preventing malware.

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  11. Tech

    GoldieBlox Is Back with Another Adorable Commercial, Hopefully They Cleared the Song This Time

    GoldieBlox got into some trouble with The Beastie Boyz over one of their earlier commercials that parodied the song "Girls," but they won't let that keep them down. They're back with a new commercial showing off their engineering toys for girls, and they've brought some interesting statistics along with them.

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  12. Tech

    Minecraft Wasn’t Hacked, But You Should Probably Change Your Password If You Use the Internet

    No, I don't mean that in a hyperbolic, "hackers are going to steal your identity and become an evil pod-person version of you, freak the Hell out!" way. It's a good idea to change your password often, but it's an especially good idea if you use a site that employs an OpenSSL version that's vulnerable to the recently discovered Heartbleed bug.

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  13. Tech

    The UK’s Robot Soldier “Porton Man” Can Sense Chemical Warfare (and Probably Also Your Fear)

    If you thought the US was the only country building an army of robot nightmares, the UK's Porton Man robot soldier will assure you that no corner of the globe is safe from uncanny valley-fueled horror. Guys, I'm pretty sure they robots will make their own soldiers once they reach sentience. No need to help.

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  14. Tech

    You Can Now Search For Businesses in Yelp With Emoji

    So let's say that you need some coffee, but you don't know where to look for it, and you've also completely forgotten what it's called. I don't know, maybe you can't read or you've been in a traffic accident or something. Well don't worry, my confused friend! Now you don't have to know what it's called, just what it looks like.

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  15. Tech

    The US Government Secretly Created a “Cuban Twitter” to Stir up Political Dissent, Create “Smart Mobs”

    Somehow, the same government that can't set up a simple online signup form to save its life went full Zuckerberg and built an entire successful social media network... in Cuba. This must have been headed by the same people who made the turkey pardoning site for Thanksgiving, because that was easily the best functioning government website.

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