1. Weird

    Happy Easter! Here Is A Man Eating 100 Marshmallow Peeps In Two Minutes

    To everyone celebrating Easter today, hooray! You did it, Robonaut has risen again. Even if you're not celebrating, we're pretty sure you're going to want to watch this video of a guy breaking the world record for fastest Peep eating. That's got to be one hell of a sugar rush. Like, diabetic coma sugar rush.

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  2. Weird

    This Animated Version Of Your Favorite Cat Videos Is Way More Beautiful Than We Originally Anticipated

    Remember Richard Swarbrick? A few months ago, he posted this Doctor Who animation that made us cry, and then really made us cry when we set it to a-ha's "Take On Me." Well, he's back with a brand-new video, turning your all-time favorite internet cat videos into this beautiful animation.

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  3. Weird

    Just In Time To Ruin Easter: Jelly Bean Milk and Springtime Eggnog

    Easter is a confusing holiday, guys. As if religion and a bunny who hides chicken eggs aren't complicated enough, apparently there's also a veritable cornucopia of truly weird seasonal dairy drinks to guzzle in celebration. Most alarming? Jellybean Milk and Easter Nog.

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  4. Weird

    New Business Lets You Smash Stuff to Vent Your Frustrations

    Breaking stuff is a great release, and that's what Tom Farrenkopf of Boise, Idaho is banking on with his new business, Das Breakroom. He's charging people to come break stuff with sledgehammers, baseball bats, and other "instruments of destruction," as he calls them.

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  5. Weird

    Nessie Lives! Loch Ness “Monster” Pictures Taken By Apple Maps

    Exciting news for "Nessie" enthusiasts: the plesiosaur (be she myth or be she monster) apparently lives! "Credible" images of the elusive beast have been taken for the first time in a year and a half, but you might need to be a Mac fan to find her.

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  6. Weird

    Canada Is Working Hard To Bring The World A Pizza Cake

    Boston Pizza is a Canada-based chain that makes third-rate pies but first-rate hybrids of pizza and politics. As part of "their Pizza Game Changer" promotion you can vote right now for a hypothetical weird food innovation you want to see at a parlor near you. If you have strong feelings about Pizza Cake (as you should) then make your voice heard!

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  7. Weird

    Dog Barking at a Video of Itself Barking at a Video of Itself Barking at a…

    Are you attached to your flimsy grasp on sanity? Then don't watch this video of Holiday the dog barking at a video of herself barking at a video of herself barking at... probably the realization that reality is a facade and we're all just part of someone else's dream.

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  8. Weird

    Watch a Red Hot Ball of Nickel Bring Fiery Death to a Bunch of Peeps for Easter or Whatever

    Sunday is Peeps Appreciation Day, and YouTube's famous Red Hot Ball of Nickel is appreciating the hell out of them the only way it knows how: hot, fiery destruction. What is it about watching this flaming ball of metal destroy things that we love so much? Don't question. Just watch some Peeps get messed up.

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  9. Weird

    12 Of The Weirdest Wikipedia Articles You Can Listen To

    Available audio versions of large texts can be very useful for blind and visually-impaired readers, which is why text-to-speech software is so popular. You know what, though? That's not Wikipedia's style. They'd rather get people to record themselves reciting articles about whatever they want -- which makes for some strange subject material.

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  10. Weird

    Suntory Whiskey’s New Ad Campaign Uses 3D-Sculpted Ice

    There's a new ad campaign for Suntory Whiskey by Japanese agency TBWA/Hakuhodo that shows the whiskey served over intricate, precision-drilled 3D ice sculptures. It's beautiful to watch the drill create such a complex shape, and then have that shape drowned in whiskey.

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  11. Weird

    So Maybe Jelly Belly Might Not Be The Best Candy To Bring To Your Next LGBT Rally

    You'd think a company famous for offering a rainbow of colors would be supportive of diversity, but sadly that may not be the case with Jelly Belly. Yesterday it was revealed that Chairman Herman Rowland Sr. made a hefty donation to an initiative to stop trans students from using bathrooms or joining sports teams based on their gender identity.

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  12. Weird

    Russia Now Has Firefighters Flying Around on Firehose-Powered Hovercraft

    Russian firefighters made a hovercraft like those jet ski-powered jetpacks. I don't know what's happening in Russia that they needed to invent flying firefighters, but they can now levitate with the power of water to save you wherever you are. (Provided "wherever you are" is a few feet off the ground and relatively nearby.)

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  13. Weird

    New Jersey Summons German Shepherd for Jury Duty

    Everyone has a right to a jury of pee-ers, at least in Cumberland County, where a German Shepherd named IV Griner recently received a jury summons.

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  14. Weird

    Domino’s Now Offers Pizza With Fried Chicken Instead of Dough

    Domino's just launched a new product called "Specialty Chicken," which sounds much worse than it is, and it sounds pretty bad. "Specialty Chicken" is a pizza that replaces dough with chicken then adds sauce, cheese, and other toppings. They also launched a new slogan with "Failure is an Option." It sure is, Domino's. It sure is.

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  15. Weird

    Buyer Beware: The “World’s Most Haunted Island” Is For Sale

    Who wouldn't want to have their own island in Venice? Romantic views, historic architecture, great gondola parking--living on Poveglia should be any eccentric millionaire's dream. Providing you know a good exorcist, that is.

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