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  1. Entertainment

    Robert Downey Jr. Fills Our Hearts With Joy, Tweets Hilarious Age of Ultron Set Photo

    If he keeps this up, Downey stands to become the next Patrick Stewart in terms of unadulterated Twitter pic awesomeness. But who's responsible for this hilarious sight gag? Was it Downey himself? Come on, we bet it was probably Downey. Or possibly Jeremy Renner.

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  2. Tech

    The New CATable Supposedly Keeps Your Kitties Occupied While You Work

    As adorable as cats are with their insatiable curiosity, they're hardly ever compliant with their owners. That's why designer Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture in Hong Kong has created a table to keep your furry, intelligent companions distracted while you try to get some work some.

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  3. Gaming

    Someone Made a Frozen Mod for Grand Theft Auto IV

    Grand Theft Auto is usually too chaotic for me to enjoy, but am I a horrible person if I get some catharsis from watching Anna and Elsa wreak destruction across Liberty City in this wicked mod? This is what happens when we as a society truly let go, guys: chaos reigns. Repression is a social construct that saves lives.

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  4. Entertainment

    Above Average Asks the Important Questions, Like “Is That Danny Aiello?” in Episode One of Approach the Bench

    When Judge Bob Balaban asks you to approach the bench, you listen—especially if he thinks he's spotted someone famous in the jury. That's what this new series from Above Average shows with scripts taken verbatim from hilarious, real court transcripts (at least, according to the video descriptions).

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  5. Weird

    25 (Ill-Advised) Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday From the Bard Himself

    When someone's having a birthday, they should be the one to decide how to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, William Shakespeare can not tell us where he'd like to go bar-hopping or what flavor his cake should be, because he's been dead for 398 years. But don't worry! He's left some careful instructions for us, if you know where to look.

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  6. Weird

    Large Hadron Collider Umbrella: The Perfect Gift For Those Who Matter

    At a loss for what to get the CERN scientist in your life? The Science Museum Shop has got you covered with the Large Hadron Collider umbrella. As a bonus, it also doubles as shelter in the event that the LHC decides to send apocalyptic hellfire down on us all.

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  7. Science

    Check out Some Destructive Sample Videos From Today’s GE #SpringBreakIt Campaign

    This morning we told you about GE's #SpringBreakIt campaign where they will send you slow-motion videos of things getting destroyed for science if you tweet at them with that hashtag. If you need further convincing that this is an awesome use of your time, here are a few sample videos they sent us.

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  8. Science

    Dictionaries Have Been Wrong About How Siphons Work, So a Physicist Corrected Them With New Research

    Dictionaries are pretty solid authorities about what words mean, but they overextended themselves when reaching a bit in the definition for the word siphon. The Oxford English Dictionary and many others have erroneously claimed that atmospheric pressure makes siphons work for 99 years, so Dr. Stephen Hughes did some research to set them straight.

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  9. Weird

    Woman Attacked by Duck Sues for $275,000

    When good ducks go bad, there can be serious consequences. Thankfully, the victim in this alleged quack attack sustained minimal injuries from her scary encounter with an "agitated waterfowl"—and even her lawyer seems to think the case has become a joke.

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  10. Entertainment

    “It’s A Small World” Franchise and Peeps Movie In The Works

    "Let's do Pirates of the Caribbean, but with glockenspiels and scary dolls" is a pitch that sounded great to Disney because the "It's A Small World" ride is going to have its own movie franchise. Not weird enough for you? Good, we're getting a Peeps movie too. Yes, a film about sentient marshmallows! This is truly a magical time to be alive!

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  11. Science

    GE Takes “Spring Break” Literally and Destroys Things for Science Today With Their #SpringBreakIt Campaign

    GE's #SpringBreakIt campaign launched today, and we think it's exactly the kind of thing you'll love, Internet-people. To promote their next-generation "Super Materials," GE is showing you what it looks like when they put boring old regular materials to the same smash, crush, and blast tests. Watching things break is really great.

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  12. Tech

    NYPD Tries to Start a Trending Hashtag, It Does Not Go So Well

    The NYPD has it pretty rough from a PR perspective (and for admittedly very good reasons). That's why some ingenious intern publicist decided that it would a great idea to start a contest on Twitter and ask users to submit pictures of themselves with police officers from our fair city. Surprise! It backfired.

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  13. Entertainment

    HBO Signed an Exclusive Deal With Amazon Prime That’s So Close to Being Great News

    Piracy runs rampant on shows from premium networks, and no one knows that better than HBO. Game of Thrones continues to break piracy records, and HBO has finally, mercifully made a deal with Amazon to stream HBO content to Amazon Prime members... at least three years after they air on television, because patience is the Internet's strong suit.

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  14. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 4/23

    Okay, friends. I think we've officially hit peak Hydra hailing. Good job, team. We've also got some weird U.S. sex laws, terrible movies from wonderful directors, news about a science textbook ~just for ladiiiez~, Titanfall tips, and more on today's Geekolinks.

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  15. Entertainment

    New Flash Gordon Movie in Works at Fox

    Most people reading this are probably only familiar with the Queen soundtracked 1980 Flash Gordon film that saw our titular hero fighting racist stereotypes -- um, "villains" -- and saving the day. That is, unless you've also seen the 1936 film and read the original pulp comic strip. There are racist stereotypes in that, too.

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