Tech Saturday, September 25th 2010 at 11:27 am

Actually, Reddit’s Traffic Increased 24% Since July

We put up a post earlier this week about the Digg exodus which ended in some speculation about whether all that traffic (a 26% drop after the site’s redesign) just disappeared into the ether or flowed its way on over to Reddit, one of the internet’s less well known (but no less loved) voting-based-content sites.  The conclusion, based on some estimations from Hitwise, was that there isn’t much hard evidence for Reddit absorbing Digg’s homeless users, since their traffic had only increased 2.6% in the past month.

As big fans of Reddit we were excited to find out that, according to Reddit’s lead developer Christopher Slowe, Hitwise’s estimates were off by a factor of ten.

ReadWriteWeb, after writing their article about the disappearing Digg traffic (which is where we found out about the Hitwise numbers in the first place) was contacted by Slowe, with some screenshots of Reddit’s Google Analytics page (click above for bigger).  Reddit’s traffic has increased 24% since July, with most of the increase happening from the end of August one, corresponding with the Digg redesign.

We love knowing that there’s some data behind the anecdotal evidence.

(Thanks, Mark!)

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