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Doctor Who Intro Sequence Remade In SNES Style [Video]

Whenever I watch Doctor Who, the intro sequence sends twinges of nostalgia throughout my body. Whenever I hear old school video game music, the composition sends twinges of nostalgia throughout my body. So, imagine what kind of twinges get bounced around my spine when someone remakes the intro sequence from the current, Matt Smith-led Doctor Who with full 16-bit-style graphics and sound? Double twinges. Those are what kind.

YouTube user DoctorOctoroc arranged the track within FL Studio, using Super Nintendo soundfonts from Chrono Trigger, A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy IV, and F-Zero. Fun fact: The “whizzing” sound effect at the beginning of the video is a combination of sound effects from Lavos, Chrono Trigger’s final boss.

(via reddit)

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