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CinemaSins Points Out Everything Wrong With Jurassic Park, Fails To Quell Our Love Of Jurassic Park

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone on the staff here at Geekosystem — and most of our readers — are huge fans of Jurassic Park. From the John Williams score to the presence of Jeff Goldblum to oh, yeah, the giant animatronic dinosaurs all over the place, everything about the movie is utterly incredible and downright perfect. Well, maybe not everything. The professional nitpickers at CinemaSins have uncovered a few minor errors that we somehow missed in about a bazillion viewings of this flick. 

Granted, it appears that our love of dinosaurs may have clouded our eye for accuracy on a few points — it wouldn’t be the first time that has been the case. On the other hand, let’s face it — there’s nothing you can do to make Jurassic Park anything less than an incredible movie. This video could be four or five times as long and still not put so much as a dent in Jurassic Park‘s thick, scaly hide. The thing is bulletproof…even if they did spell “stegosaurus” wrong.

(via CinemaSins)

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