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Far Away Places Don’t Seem So Far Away Thanks to Brilliant Machines

We meager humans are now capable of travelling great distances or viewing a great many things once considered out of reach. From the deepest regions of space, to landing rovers on Mars, the brilliant machines we’ve created only continue to get faster, better, and more thorough. Thanks to these advances, we’re able to spot a good many details of our galaxy that have gone previously unnoticed or unexplored, and we’ve collected some of our favorite recent space exploration news for your perusal.

As another example of the way we’ve improved machines, the plane featured in the above video can interpret 5,000 data samples per second in order to maximize its efficiency. That’s 300,000 points of data a minute, and 18,000,000 an hour. That’s a somewhat staggering amount of information to sort through just to ensure the best flight possible, and it’s all thanks to our continuing effort as a species to move forward.

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