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Head’s Up, It’s Still Free Slurpee Day Right Now

Well, 7-Eleven Day, technically, but that's not what anyone cares about.


Have you gotten your free Slurpee yet from your nearest 7-Eleven? Because today, July 11th — 7/11, get it? — is Free Slurpee Day, and this year they’re actually going to give you a real 12 oz cup instead of those dinky 7.11 oz ones. Hooray! More carbonated sugary slush for everyone!

What caused the change from the cutesy 7-Eleven-themed drink amount this year? The smaller cups had no lids, and many parents complained that their sugar-addled children were spilling the Slurpees all over their cars. At least, that’s what Laura Gordon, vice president of marketing and brand innovation for 7-Eleven, told USA TodayThey could have always just made lids for the cups, but that seems like a lot of work — and considering that Slurpee sales are actually expected to increase up to 40% today, it’s probably not a big deal to let customers have a little bit more to get ‘em properly hooked.

Speaking of which, 7-Eleven also expects to give away roughly 7 million Slurpees today. I don’t know about you, but I plan to get one or maybe even two of those things. If you only have one 7-Eleven in your area and can’t jump back and forth, just be sure to go out and get a whole bunch of disguises ready before you head out. You might need them for refills.

(via Time, image via Tom Magliery)

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