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21 Facebook Conversations that May or May Not Be Fake but Are Funny Anyway

With the recent unveiling of Facebook’s new messaging service, we felt it was important to show you some important reasons why the messaging service upgrade is necessary. That sounds legit, right? If not, consider this a study on typos. Presenting: Funny Facebook conversations that may or may not be fake but are funny anyway.

1) (via)

2) (via)

3) (via)

4) (via)

5) (via)

6) (via)

7) (via)

8) (via)


9) (via)

10) (via)

11) (via)

12) (via)

13) (via)

14) (via)

15) (via)

16) (via)

17) (via)

18) (via)

19) (via)

20) (via)

21) (via)

Who cares if they’re fake?

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