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PSA: Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane Drops Tomorrow

Because five years is long enough.

gaimancover Some super-exciting news crept up on us all: Neil Gaiman, adorably timid fantasy author, is releasing his latest novel on tomorrow, June 18th. The book, titled The Ocean at the End of the Lane, promises to be dark, suspenseful, and just a little bit heartbreaking.

Gaiman’s first novel for adults since Anansi Boys begins with a quiet country scene, the narrator remembering a horrifying event from his childhood and encountering a strange family he once knew. A stolen car, a stranger’s suicide, and a duck pond that may actually be an ocean weave together into a tale made up of memories and a surprisingly important microcosm of good and evil. The frightened, bookish narrator and a strange girl are quickly drawn into an investigation of things that were not ever meant to be in our world.

If you just can’t wait until Tuesday, here’s a video of Gaiman reading an excerpt.

(via GeekExchange, image via Amazon)

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