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Everything’s Coming Up Hodor! Game of Thrones Characters Get The Simpsons Treatment

Attempting to seize political control of Westeros? That's a paddlin'.

Draw The Simpsons basically does what it says on the label — illustrator ADN draws a Simpsonized version of a famous character, historical figure, or pop culture icon every day and posts it to his Tumblr. Finally, he’s gotten around to the cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and the resulting images are amazing. Personally, the Sansa and Tywin pictures are my favorites — Sansa for the ridiculous likeness to actress Sophie Turner, and Tywin for his likeness to Montgomery Burns. Of course, the rest are great, too, and ADN promises that there’s more on the way. Good, because he’ll probably never run out of GOT characters at this rate.

(Draw The Simpsons via The Mary Sue)

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