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11 Fantastic Photos From GE’s Surprisingly Intriguing Instagram Page

Brands are everywhere on social media these days. They’re creeping in from all sides, and you’re just as likely to see an advertisement from, say, Taco Bell as you are your buddy’s status update. It’s the nature of the beast. That being said, there are a few instances where we’d like to see even more from these kind of pages. Take GE’s Instagram page, for example. It’s basically gadget and tech porn — especially if you’re a fan of engines — at its finest. We’ve collected our 11 favorite images and included them below, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

ssfighterjetEveryone loves fighter jets, right? It’s hard to go wrong where they’re concerned. Plus, Navy Super Hornets are awesome.

ssengineagainAnd here’s a little engine porn to get us started. The steam rising off the pad below at the Winnipeg facility is a nice touch, too.

ssseleniumThis is a selenium purifying chamber that GE found in their vaults. It’s basically the equivalent of anyone else finding an old pair of shoes under their bed and taking a picture, but way cooler.

sshudHere we’ve got a lovely head-up display photographed by one of GE’s pilots during flight. That kind of makes me wish I’d been a pilot.

ssplanefrombehindThis is by far my favorite image on GE’s Instagram. The colors, the plane’s symmetry, and the reflections from its shiny exterior combine to be particularly powerful.

sspenetrantThis is a photo of a fluorescent penetrant inspection area, and I’m a sucker for anything that looks like there’s a black light going on somewhere.

ssgeengineOf all the images of the Winnipeg testing facility, and there are more than a few, this is the most striking.

ssguyintubeHere’s someone standing in that tube for the sake of comparison. Yeah, it’s pretty big.

ssledlightsAgain, sucker for lights. Theses are some of GE’s Energy Smart LED bulbs.

ssopenengineThis CF34-8E engine all opened up like this is the very definition of engine porn. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve centered it pretty nicely either.

sssunsetAnd we close on a strong note with the wind farm in Tehachapi, California at sunset. Beautiful.

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