Geekolinks Saturday, November 17th 2012 at 3:00 pm

Geekolinks (10/17)

  1. 8 frustratingly bad tie-in video games ever (io9)
  2. The 100 most depressing death scenes (Movie Miscellany)
  3. Windows 8 isn’t easy to use when you’re drunk (Mashable)
  4. Upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC won’t be coming to Wii U (Polygon)
  5. How To: Make a Twinkie (and other Hostess desserts) (Instructables)
  6. Apple own the rights to “turning the page” on tablets and e-readers (Gizmodo)
  7. Famous literary Feuds that Fizzled (Flavorwire)

(title pic via Klat)

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