Geekolinks Monday, November 18th 2013 at 7:10 am

Geekolinks 11/18

Joey's in a jam! What should he do? Order a pizza!


  1. Quick! It’s an emergency! Press the automatic pizza button! (Geekologie)
  2. The Lord of the Rings music performed by electric harp duo (The Mary Sue)
  3. Take a closer look at An Adventure in Space and Time (GeekSugar)
  4. Some PS4s are already malfunctioning. We’re guessing Microsoft is psyched (UPROXX)
  5. Strax gives his insights(?) on Queen Elizabeth in Doctor Who trailer (The Mary Sue)
  6. These 15 actors are so good they multiple different parts on the same show (Mental Floss)
  7. Get all of the Batkid cuteness you can handle and more right here (HyperVocal)

(Title pic via esiper on Reddit)

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