Geekolinks Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 at 6:11 pm

Geekolinks: 5/23

  1. 5 new TV shows every geek should watch this coming fall (Geeksugar)
  2. What, exactly, is quicksand? (Mental Floss)
  3. Winners and losers of Facebook’s botched IPO (The Week)
  4. A first look at Michonne on next season of The Walking Dead (TDW: Geeks)
  5. So, uh, racing camels are a thing (Environmental Graffiti)
  6. 5 Internet annoyances that are way older than the Internet (Cracked)
  7. Here’s the full video of the SpaceX launch (Hexydes)

(title pic via @ofcoursejames)

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