Weird Saturday, September 14th 2013 at 4:03 pm

Create Your Very Own Glitch Art, Become as Terrifyingly Awesome as a Broken GIF

It's basically Instagram for Nerd Hipsters.


Have you ever taken an amazingly-clear digital photo with your phone or camera, and become suddenly nostalgic for the old days of broken images and creepy glitches? Well, despair no more, hipsters of the internet, because this new DIY Image Glitch Generator is here to help.

Instead of digging deep into the depths of programming yourself, the glitch generator auto-corrupts the image code, resulting in some pretty terrifying images. It’ll make your favorite cat pic the stuff of nightmares; compelling, weirdly-awesome nightmares.


So go ahead, pop over to the Glitch Generator and mess around with Glitch Amount, Seed, Iterations, and JPG Quality until you get a broken wonder of your very own. Be sure to post it on social media, and freak out your relatives!

(via Gizmodo, image via morganglines & Mandy Jouan)

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