Tech Monday, January 21st 2013 at 12:58 pm

Google Founder Spotted on New York Subway Sporting Google Glass

We’ve salivated pretty hard over Google Glass here at Geekosystem, but that’s only because it looks really, really cool. We haven’t had a chance yet to see it in person, but it’s been popping up in the wild lately. Last month one was spotted in the East Village, and last night wearable computing enthusiast Noah Zerkin spotted Google founder Sergey Brin on the 3 train in New York wearing Google Glass.

Zerkin posted the image on Twitter with the following text:

We don’t know what Brin and Zerkin talked about, but we bet the conversation focused largely on the amazing wearable computer on Brin’s face, and maybe also on Brin’s stylish beanie. But yeah, probably mostly on the wearable computer.

(via Business Insider, image via Noah Zerkin)

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