Tech Monday, April 5th 2010 at 11:56 am

Don’t Panic! Google Just Wants You To Look At Your Privacy Settings

If you use Gmail and happen to click your way to your Google Buzz tomorrow, it will ask you to review your privacy settings.  Don’t panic!  This is normal.  Or at least it will be tomorrow.

In response to widespread concerns over the privacy of Buzz, Google is going to ask users to review and confirm their privacy settings, so that everyone can see the changes they’ve made to the interface.

Google has taken a lot of flak for the dubious privacy level of Buzz, even from congress, and in response has made a number of changes, including auto-suggesting instead of auto-following, and no longer automatically connecting to Google Reader and Picasa.

However, if users signed on to Buzz before these changes were made, they may not be aware of them.  Google wants to make sure that everybody knows where their info is now.

(via Mashable.)

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