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    Watch Quirky + GE’s Night of Invention and StarTalk Live With Our Friend Bill Nye LIVE Right Here! [Updated]

    Tomorrow night is the big event! We've partnered with GE, Quirky, and StarTalk Radio to bring A Night of Invention to SXSW! You can watch the livestream of the StarTalk portion of the show right here with Our Friend Bill Nye, Eugene Mirman, and more. We'll have exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the whole thing.

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    Sponsored Post: GE AgileTrac Tech Works To Take The Wait Out Of Hospital Visits

    Is there anything worse than waiting at the hospital? It's almost inevitable that you've had to wait on a room, a test, admission, and more. What if we could just cut that whole thing out? The waiting, that is, not the hospital. That's what GE Healthcare's basically trying to do with their AgileTrac patient tracking solution.

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    5 Amazing Things That We’re Totally Glad Can Talk to Us Now

    Isn't technology great? At this rate, everything we create in ten years will be able to immediately provide us with feedback in some way, if not audibly. Our gadgets and gizmos giving us clear and concise updates out loud, rather than via some sort of text interface or gauge, is simply the best. Better than all the rest, in fact. It's not like we've been ignoring things from the past, either. Hit the jump to check out our five favorite things that we're totally glad can talk to us now.

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  4. Entertainment

    A Good Year: The 12 Best Things to Come Out of 2012

    Happy New Year! Today's the start of 2013, sure, but that doesn't mean we have to give up on 2012 just yet. There were a number of wonderful and amazing things released this past year. From video games to movies, comedy albums to comics, 2012 was chock-full of lovely creations to occupy our time. That said, there were certainly a select few that stood well above the rest. Each of us here at Geekosystem has provided three picks from 2012's lineup that we think everyone else would be foolish not to check out. Hit the jump to see what we consider to be the absolute best things to come out of 2012!

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    Far Away Places Don’t Seem So Far Away Thanks to Brilliant Machines

    We meager humans are now capable of travelling great distances or viewing a great many things once considered out of reach. From the deepest regions of space, to landing rovers on Mars, the brilliant machines we've created only continue to get faster, better, and more thorough. Thanks to these advances, we're able to spot a good many details of our galaxy that have gone previously unnoticed or unexplored, and we've collected some of our favorite recent space exploration news for your perusal. Hit the jump to check them all out!

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    What Are These Robots Doing on the Subway?

    We caught some video of these minuscule robots getting off a subway, and we're intrigued. What are these little dudes doing on the train? Is there some sort of convention in town we should know about? Yet another robot dance party where we didn't quite make the guest list? Are they heading home after a long day, or getting out for a night on the town? Or have we come so far that robots are now just every day working slobs like you and me, trying to squeeze time for a cup of coffee into their morning commute? We know there's more than meets the eye here, and we'll tell you more about it in the coming days. In the meantime, though, check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think!

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    A General Guide to Urban Survival

    In anticipation of the forthcoming release of The Bourne Legacy, we here at Geekosystem felt we could help enable your paranoia by giving you a few tips on how to survive in the field while not only avoiding your pursuers (that you definitely have), but also turning the tables on them when necessary.

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  8. Science

    The Science of the NBA

    Though you may turn up your nose at the very thought of basketball, and would much rather dive into things that piss off Alan Moore, or control a robot made in 2012 with a 1983 computer, the NBA playoffs are in full swing, and wouldn't you know it, there's a bunch of science going on.

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  9. Weird

    Today, We Posted Our 10,000th Post Here at Geekosystem

    Though Miss Congeniality would have you believe yesterday, April 25, is the perfect day, we here at Geekosystem are also mighty fond of today, April 26, for today marks our 10,000th published post. It's been a blast since the site's launch on the road to 10,000 posts, and we've covered just about anything and everything under the geekosphere that our human hands and remaining shreds of morality and sanity have allowed. Click past the break, and take a gander at some Geekosystem trivia, as well as some of our favorite things we've done on the road to 10,000.

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    The Internet Has Everything, Including Bikini Models With Dinosaurs

    Pretty much anything can happen on the Internet, so a gallery of bikini models posing with dinosaur paraphernalia probably isn't completely out of left field, but that doesn't make it any less strange. But let's walk it back a little, shall we? Don Glut is a writer, actor, director, and amateur paleontologist. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard the name, but he was a writer for things like "Dink, The Little Dinosaur," penned the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back, and produced a documentary called Dinosaur Movies. Clearly he's a man of many talents, with a thing for dinosaurs.

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  11. Weird

    Fleshlight-Holding iPad Case is Just as Creepy as It Sounds [UPDATED]

    Are you speechless, or just surprised no one thought of this earlier? Behold: The Fleshlight Holding iPad Case for all your, you know, needs. Let's not qualify that with an adjective; it speaks for itself. Now, it's worth noting two things here. This is neither a real thing -- it's a concept mockup -- nor is it officially endorsed by Fleshlight in any way, shape, or form. Last thing we need is letters from Fleshlight to start showing up at the Geekosystem office. But yeah. This is a thing someone thought of. Welcome to the future, everyone.

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  12. Entertainment

    10 Terrifying Doors You Really Don’t Want to Open

    Static objects are fairly good at being ominous: A humanoid figure too far off in the distance to have any discernible features, or a lone gun sitting on a dresser. They're ominous because of the details the imagination fills in. Why is that humanoid just standing around all the way over there? Why do you have that gun sitting on the dresser in plain sight? For the details the imagination fills in, a door provides the biggest lack thereof, and thus provides a stomping ground for the most twisted, evil machinations your imagination can conjure. On top of that, they could be the portal to something even more terrifying and sinister than you could've thought, and after the break, we whipped up a list of the ten most terrifying doors in geekdom that are better left closed.

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  13. Gaming

    Roundup of Video Game Awards’ Exclusive Trailers, and Our Responses

    This weekend, Spike TV ran the Video Game Awards. All in all it was a pretty tepid affair, but it did give studios a chance to show off their forthcoming titles with a slew of exclusive trailers. We gathered all of them up and were just going to present them to you, gentle reader, but the embedded videos looked so lonely there, and we figured we were as qualified as anyone to have opinions on the Internet, so we added our compressed thoughts about each trailer into a single sentence. (Most of the time.)

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    What it Means to be Innovative

    We're currently living in an age where we as a population are less impressed by new technological advances. The computer age sped up the rate of invention and innovation, and children of this age are tuned to simply be less impressed. The high frequency of viable new inventions and incredible innovations made us grow accustomed to them. Amazingly, we actually expect new inventions and innovations to drop at an alarmingly high rate, and rarely, nowadays, do they impress, even though they should. However, another way to look at our collective apathy toward modern day invention and innovation is to wonder if, possibly, the technological age in which we live redefined what it means to be innovative; so it's not that we're less impressed by innovation, but we don't necessarily know what it means to be innovative anymore.

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    5 Iconic Sound Bites in Tech

    When done right, nothing is more instantly recognizable and associable as a catchy sound bite. Once upon a time, instantly recognizable jingles were the backbone of the advertising industry. Today,  audio clips are a little more pervasive, considering our seeming dependence on electronic devices. Receive a phone call? Catchy audio clip. Get an email? Catchy sound bite. Turn on just about any modern electronic device? Memorable tune. We're living in a world where companies and devices need to differentiate themselves from the competition as much as possible, and an instantly recognizable sound bite is a three-to-ten second mean to that end. So, come with us as we check out some of the most instantly recognizable, brand differentiating, nostalgia inducing sound bites in tech.

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