Tech Sunday, March 25th 2012 at 11:01 am

Handpresso Auto Is For All Those Times You Just Need To Make Espresso In Your Car

Some days it’s just not enough to have a coffee before work and then a coffee at work. Once you’ve evolved into a super addict, you might find yourself requiring sweet, sweet liquid caffeination in transit. If you do, the Handpresso Auto is just what the doctor ordered and will let you brew up some espresso to help keep you awake through that traffic jam, or red light, right in your car. Powered by your 12v cigarette lighter and requiring only water and coffee pods, the Handpresso auto will do its insanely specialized job right in your cupholder and beep at you when it’s done, all for the low, low price of $200. Crippling addiciton is expensive.

(Uncrate via Neatorama)

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