Tech Friday, April 23rd 2010 at 11:19 am

Iron Man Augmented Reality App: Come for the Helmet, Stay for the HUD

We’d like to consider ourselves relatively media-savvy, and capable of retaining our critical thinking abilities even in the face of sophisticated marketing campaigns.  So we approached the Iron Man 2 Augmented Reality Experience with a healthy level of ambivalence.

“It puts a the Iron Man or War Machine helmets on my face?  Okay.  My webcamera already does that, but with tiaras and pig noses.”

And then we saw that it will show you with the Iron Man suit’s Heads Up Display, and we rescinded all previous statements.

Lets be honest, there are few things that get technology geeks as excited as a nice user interface.  When we see things like Minority Report, District 9, and Iron Man, we start to salivate.  Glowing sigils, people.  Glowing sigils.

Like a true marketing machine, allows you to record yourself with iron accoutrement, and post it easily on any social networking site.  Video below.

I Am Iron Man 2: Augmented Reality app ( from Rubber Republic on Vimeo.

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