Tech Sunday, August 22nd 2010 at 5:28 pm

This Is The World’s Largest Augmented Reality Marker

The architects from the firm of Königsberger Vannucchi in Brazil Construction company Rossi needed a new way to help their clients visualize the buildings that they had commissioned, and they really liked augmented reality as a way of doing so.

Update: In the comments, André Fogaça writes:

I developed this project and I’m no architect Königsberger Vannucchi. I work in marketing for construction company (Rossi)! Best regards

So they created the worlds largest AG marker (as verified by Guinness) in the lot where their skyscraper was going to be built, and then flew around it in a helicopter.  Hey presto!  Instant tower. You can watch their short video below.

(via Augmented Planet.)

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