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We’re in Lesbians With This The Last of Us/Scott Pilgrim Mashup Poster

In the words of Wallace Wells, I want to have its adopted babies.

last of us pilgrim

I’ve been thinking about getting the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game The Last of Us for a couple of days now, but now I know I’m getting it. Apparently all I need to be interested enough to buy a thing is for someone to explain it to me in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World references. Luckily Reddit user philtomato is looking out for the Pilgrim-obsessed people like me and put out this spectacular “Joel and Ellie vs. The World” mashup poster. Yes. Yes, this pleases me.

If you enjoy this image, philtomato already has it available on a T-shirt at Redbubble, along with  many other wonderful mashups and pop culture references. That House Targaryen t-shirt is calling out to me especially loudly. Woof. Momma (of dragons) like.

(via Reddit)

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