Weird Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 at 6:30 pm

Best-Dad-Ever Made His Baby Daughter an Adorable LED Halloween Costume [Video]

This may unintentionally be the first XKCD Halloween costume we've ever seen. It's also the best.

If you ever wanted to watch an incredibly cute, glowing stick figure run around and talk baby-talk, this is the video for you. Seriously, we could watch it all day. As a bonus, it really reminds us of the stick figures from the webcomic XKCD.

Normally, a glowing stick figure running towards you would be horrifying, but the baby stick figure is pretty much the greatest thing in the universe. All other parents, you are on notice. The bar for your kids’ Halloween costumes has been raised.

(via HappyPlace, image via Visual Burrito)

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