Space Sunday, November 7th 2010 at 2:33 pm

LeVar Burton Offers to Give NASA Some Help

While we don’t doubt his mastery of the storytelling arts, we’re not sure how helpful LeVar Burton would be at a shuttle launch.

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, on the other hand…

He encountered at least three serious coolant leaks in his career, successfully handling one caused by collision with a quantum filament and one that happened during an alternate timeline battle with Klingons.  However, on his watch a coolant leak sustained after the USS Enterprise-D’s shield modulations were betrayed to enemies through surveillance of his own VISOR did lead to a full blown warp core breach, destroying the ship.

For the above paragraph we are deeply indebted to the Star Trek Memory Alpha page on, we shit you not, Leaks.

(via Urlesque.)

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