Weird Monday, April 18th 2011 at 6:00 pm

Though Tiny, This Miniature Crossbow Probably Still Hurts [Video]

Though claimed to be intended as a “high-quality jewelry piece” by jewelry designer T. Shamir, this miniature crossbow is quite functional and looks like it’d cause some larger-than-miniature damage. Built entirely out of sterling silver and 22k gold, with the bow and string being made out of solid steel, the crossbow is four times stronger than a regular-sized crossbow. Just in case users were afraid the miniature bolt variety was lacking, the crossbow shoots three types of handmade aluminum bolts: steel-tipped, ramming, and flare. Since this is supposed to be a high-quality jewelry piece, maybe Shamir can change the honored tradition of engagement rings to engagement weaponry.

(via The Daily What)

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