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The Nicolas Cage Edition of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted [Video]

No, you can't unsee this; but you really won't want to, either.

Miley Cyrus caused controversy earlier this week (surprise!) when she released the Terry Richardson-directed video for her new single, “Wrecking Ball.” Despite the lack of twerking, the video does contain hammer-licking, naked swinging, and dust-writhing. But bless the Internet, because some kind soul decided that the video would be way radder if they super-imposed Nicolas Cage’s face onto Miley’s body.

And they were right.

Even though it’s only 8 seconds long, we promise they’ll be some of the best 8 seconds you’ve ever experienced. Now, can someone re-make the entire video like this? Please. Please.

(via YouTube)

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