Introducing Our New Webseries Geek on the Street Episode One "Two Apps and a Lie"

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  1. Weird

    Thief Steals $18,000 Worth Of Axe, Axe Thinks It’s Hilarious

    Last Sunday afternoon a mysterious perpetrator broke into an Indiana parking lot and stole a literal truckload of Axe shower gel. The Body Wash Bandit shouldn't be too hard to find (provided you know what a junior high locker room smells like) but Axe is getting too big a kick out of the caper to care.

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  2. Weird

    Compilation of People Struggling In Infomercials Really Puts Things In Persective

    If an alien civilization ever gets hold of this video we will be annihilated: any society so completely flummoxed by tying a towel, cracking an egg, or finding the right Tupperware deserves to be invaded immediately. And let's not overlook all the terrible rhymes by the voice-over announcers.

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  3. Science

    Rhesus Monkeys Can Do Math, Time to Trade in Your TI-84 and Get Yourself a Math Monkey

    As the saying goes, if you put 100 monkeys with typewriters in a room long enough, you'll get Hamlet. That's not true, but apparently if you put some rhesus monkeys in a room with numbers and reward them for choosing the right one long enough, you can get them to do math.

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  4. Gaming

    Limbo, Skullgirls, and More Will Be Free on PlayStation Plus in May

    PlayStation Plus has seen some really great games lately, and they're adding Limbo and Skullgirls in May. Limbo was one of my favorite downloadable games of the last console generation, and picking it up for free is a pretty great deal. If it's not quite your thing, they've got plenty more free goodies for you.

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  5. Entertainment

    Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 2 in 11 Minutes Will Prepare You for Amazing Spider-Man 2

    I loved (and still love) Spider-Man 2, but not because it was perfect—there was plenty wrong with it. Luckily, a well loved movie with some understandable flaws is just what CinemaSins needs for a good "Everything Wrong With" video, so get ready for Amazing Spider-Man 2 with "Everything wrong with Spider-Man 2."

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  6. Space

    NASA and littleBits Team up for “Space Kit” Snap-Together Circuit Board Module Set

    We love the magnetic snap-together circuit-building toy littleBits, and today we love them even more. They've partnered with NASA for a Space Kit version that includes lesson plans specially designed by NASA for the budding little space geek. (Or for the childish, space-obsessed blogger.)

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  7. Entertainment

    Would Aragorn Participate In Orc Genocide? George R.R. Martin Asks The Tough Questions (And We Try To Answer)

    Yesterday Rolling Stone released a long and compelling interview with A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin about his life and work. Over the course of the interview, he happened to suggest a very interesting rhetorical continuation of the Lord of the Rings series that has made our nerd hearts swell with righteous anger.

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  8. Weird

    Study Shows Czech and German Deer Won’t Cross Border Where the Iron Curtain Stood

    A study of 300 red deer has revealed that even though the Iron Curtain fell years ago, the animals still refuse to cross between the Czech and Bavarian sides. One researcher told the BBC they are "just very conservative," but a better word might be "frightened."

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  9. Entertainment

    Introducing Our New Webseries Geek on the Street Episode One “Two Apps and a Lie”

    In the premiere of our new original webseries, I asked the people of Austin to spot the fake app from a list of three. Two of them are real, the other is one we made up but wish was real. Could they spot the one we made up? I also found someone who gave me some advice on lying to people.

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  10. Weird

    The Germ Alarm Will Shame Public Bathroom Rebels Into Washing Their Hands

    There are lots of times when I could really use an alarm to get me to remember things, but remembering to wash my hands in a public bathroom isn't one of them. Statistically speaking, there's still a pretty good chance that it's a problem for some people, so Safeguard has built the first hand washing-shaming soap dispenser alarm.

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  11. Weird

    Obama Plays Soccer With Robot, Probably Asks It To Spare The Human Race

    Being POTUS in 2014 definitely comes with uniquely modern obligations---in this case, playing a game of soccer in the Uncanny Valley. What does the robot say at the end of the video? "I have been training every day so sometime in the future I can..." I can what, Robot? Tell me when the uprising will begin!

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  12. Science

    Olive Oil Counterfeiters, Beware “Magnetic DNA Particles”

    Today we learned that olive oil counterfeiting is a real thing, and not the plot of some future Wes Anderson movie. We also learned that olive oil counterfeiters' days might be numbered thanks to some tiny DNA particles that could allow the oil to be verified as authentic. Way to tackle the big issues, science.

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  13. Geekosystem Podcast
    Episode 27: RoboJesus in Space!
    4/21/14 @ 11:04 pm
    And on the third day he rose... into space!
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  14. Weird

    Florida School Won’t Serve Kids Mountain Dew Before Tests… Anymore

    Creel Elementary School in Florida has had a long-running program to get kids excited about taking the standardized Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. This includes urging students to sleep well the night before, wear comfy clothes, and eat a well balanced breakfast—before being served some Mountain Dew pre-test to really get them going.

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  15. Weird

    Andy Richter Commandeers #HeavenIsForRealMovie

    Heaven Is For Real is the heavily religious "based on a true story" box office hit about Colton Burpo, a 4 year old who wakes from a coma claiming to have visited Heaven. 14 year old real-life Burpo's Twitter account has been full of some startling insights lately. Andy Richter responded in kind.

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  16. Gaming

    The End Is Nigh: Flappy 2048 Exists

    You know what the most frustrating, addicting game in the world needs? To get mashed up with the other most frustrating, addicting game in the world. Enter Flappy 2048, a game of unspeakable power that will surely bring us all and in the darkness bind us.

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  17. Entertainment

    Here’s a Livestream of the Purina One Cat Café in New York, You’re Welcome

    North America's first ever (pop-up) cat café is officially launching today and will entertain both cat and coffee enthusiasts every day from 10am to 7pm until it closes this Sunday. Luckily we live close enough that we can justify taking a trip to visit the kitties, but if you don't, you can live vicariously through this video stream. (Autoplay warning!)

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  18. Weird

    Leopard and 10 Month Old Cub Steal a GoPro Camera and Leave It in a Bush

    Imagine that you are lying helplessly on the ground while an adorable leopard violently sinks its teeth into your flesh and carries you away into the bushes. But it's okay! You're a mounted GoPro camera in this scenario, so you probably won't get eaten.

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  19. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 4/24

    MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP, MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP. MEEP MEEP MEEP! Also, we've got Amazon Prime Pantry, Casual Vacancy, the world's fastest elevator, and more on this morning's Meepolinks. Err, Geekomeeps? Geekolinks.

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  20. Tech

    Lost Amiga Computer Art By Andy Warhol Identifed After 30 Years

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we now officially live in the future. How do I know this? Because we're discovering lost works from celebrated art visionaries not scribbled on napkins or painted over on old canvasses, but on floppy disks. Now it's only a matter of time before we get those jetpacks we were promised.

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  21. Entertainment

    Rich Jerks Love Hulk Hands in This Rap Video

    Remember "Hulk Hands"? Those giant novelty toy gloves that make it look like your hands are really the Hulk's hands? Dave Ebert and Douglas Widick sure do. That's probably why they made this great rap video about two rich jerks who always wear Hulk Hands. Always.

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  22. Tech

    Under $100 Lamp Records and Secretly Livetweets Conversations

    Remember comedian Kyle Ayers eavesdropping on and livetweeting a couple's breakup? Hilarious, yes, but ethical... hard to say. Well, any residual paranoia New Yorkers had left over from that fiasco is about to increase 1,000 fold: the city now has secret livetweeting lamps. Quick, everyone do a room check!

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  23. Tech

    Kittyo Lets You Spy On Your Cat When You’re Not Home Because Technology Is All About Cats Now

    You know we've been given too much power when we can drive our cats insane with a laser while we're not home. Cats probably don't miss us as much as we miss them, but with Kittyo, you can keep them entertained, while keeping an eye on them through an app with your iPhone or Android device. If anything, it's more entertaining for the owners.

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  24. Gaming

    There’s a New World Record Time for Getting 120 Stars in Super Mario 64

    The world of speedrunning waits for no one. Super Mario 64 speedrunner Siglemic was already the world record holder for the fastest time in getting all of the game's 120 stars, but he set a new record of 1 hour, 43 minutes, and 54 seconds yesterday. Take some time to marvel at his skills in the game that defined 3D platforming.

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  25. Gaming

    Goat Simulator Is Getting Goat Parkour in 1.1 Patch and Why Am I Not Playing It Right Now

    Let's be real: if I owned Goat Simulator, I would never get anything done ever, so I should be thankful that the Mac port hasn't been finished yet. That does little to soothe my jealousy of the PC players who are already enjoying the game, especially now that it's getting a Tony Hawk-style parkour system, because of course it is.

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  26. Entertainment

    Robert Downey Jr. Fills Our Hearts With Joy, Tweets Hilarious Age of Ultron Set Photo

    If he keeps this up, Downey stands to become the next Patrick Stewart in terms of unadulterated Twitter pic awesomeness. But who's responsible for this hilarious sight gag? Was it Downey himself? Come on, we bet it was probably Downey. Or possibly Jeremy Renner.

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  27. Tech

    The New CATable Supposedly Keeps Your Kitties Occupied While You Work

    As adorable as cats are with their insatiable curiosity, they're hardly ever compliant with their owners. That's why designer Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture in Hong Kong has created a table to keep your furry, intelligent companions distracted while you try to get some work some.

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  28. Gaming

    Someone Made a Frozen Mod for Grand Theft Auto IV

    Grand Theft Auto is usually too chaotic for me to enjoy, but am I a horrible person if I get some catharsis from watching Anna and Elsa wreak destruction across Liberty City in this wicked mod? This is what happens when we as a society truly let go, guys: chaos reigns. Repression is a social construct that saves lives.

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  29. Entertainment

    Above Average Asks the Important Questions, Like “Is That Danny Aiello?” in Episode One of Approach the Bench

    When Judge Bob Balaban asks you to approach the bench, you listen—especially if he thinks he's spotted someone famous in the jury. That's what this new series from Above Average shows with scripts taken verbatim from hilarious, real court transcripts (at least, according to the video descriptions).

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  30. Weird

    25 (Ill-Advised) Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday From the Bard Himself

    When someone's having a birthday, they should be the one to decide how to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, William Shakespeare can not tell us where he'd like to go bar-hopping or what flavor his cake should be, because he's been dead for 398 years. But don't worry! He's left some careful instructions for us, if you know where to look.

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  31. Weird

    Large Hadron Collider Umbrella: The Perfect Gift For Those Who Matter

    At a loss for what to get the CERN scientist in your life? The Science Museum Shop has got you covered with the Large Hadron Collider umbrella. As a bonus, it also doubles as shelter in the event that the LHC decides to send apocalyptic hellfire down on us all.

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