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Pillow Castle’s Crazy First-Person Puzzle Game Tech Demo Is like Portal All over Again in the Best Possible Way

Not to be confused with "pillow fort," which is also a great game.

The concept of the Museum of Simulation Technology demo is simple; it’s like those wacky vacation photos you took that looked like you were squashing buildings (and your friends’ heads) with your fingers. The game really gives you the power to make those tricks of perspective into a reality to solve puzzles.

It sounds simple, but as the demo progresses, you can see that the student developer team Pillow Castle, from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, added some mind-bending twists to keep things interesting and out of gimmick territory.

Still, gamers remember Portal, which also began as a clever student puzzle concept, at least as much for its personality as its gameplay—if not more. If this tech demo can come up with its own unique world that draws us in the way GLaDOS’s sarcasm and penchant for deadly neurotoxin did in Portal, this absolutely has the potential to be the next great puzzle game.

(via Polygon, image via Pillow Castle on YouTube)

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