Podcast Monday, April 21st 2014 at 11:58 pm

Episode 27: RoboJesus in Space!

The Geekosystem Podcast
Episode 27: RoboJesus in Space!
4/21/14 @ 11:04 pm
And on the third day he rose... into space!
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No Glen this week, but Victoria, Dan, and Carolyn carry on to talk about powdered booze, cat cafes, and the arrival of Robonaut 2's Doc Ock legs to the ISS.

Your hosts for this episode:

  • Carolyn Cox
    Carolyn Cox is a writer, performer and reformed Canadian. She likes movies, bad puns, subway dance crews, and ghosts, in no particular order.
  • Dan Van Winkle
    Dan is a pretty okay guy.
  • Victoria McNally
    I did an internet and now the computers like me!

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