Podcast Tuesday, April 15th 2014 at 1:03 pm

Episode 26: Pretty Little Lizards

The Geekosystem Podcast
Episode 26: Pretty Little Lizards
4/15/14 @ 1:04 pm
Is this podcast an Illuminati conspiracy?
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On this week's show the gang's all here to talk about while an eclipse won't kill us, how expensive Game of Thrones can be, bow tie racing Our Friend Bill Nye, and of course our weekly Editors' Picks.

Your hosts for this episode:

  • Carolyn Cox
    Carolyn Cox is a writer, performer and reformed Canadian. She likes movies, bad puns, subway dance crews, and ghosts, in no particular order.
  • Dan Van Winkle
    Dan is a pretty okay guy.
  • Glen Tickle
    Senior Editor, comedian, gentleman.
  • Victoria McNally
    I did an internet and now the computers like me!

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