Weird Saturday, December 7th 2013 at 2:45 pm

We’re So, So Sorry: Rebecca Black’s “Saturday” Is A Real Song [VIDEO]

Notable lyric: "Yesterday was Friday / Today is Saturday"

Just when you’d gotten Rebecca Black’s infernal “Friday” out of your head, she has returned to YouTube to continue her weekday-ruining reign of terror. “Saturday” is the spiritual successor to “Friday” in many ways – lyrically, visually, horrifically – and, ugh. Just, I don’t know. Just watch it.

This is definitely a concept album in the making. At least we know she’ll only release five more singles. Also, perhaps controversial, but if any other pop songstress had released this, I’m pretty sure people would love it. Just sayin’.

Deal With It Rebecca Black

(via Gawker, image via YouTube)

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