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Reshiram and Zekrom Balloons To Join Pikachu In Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Dear international readers, America has a holiday coming up where we eat a ton of food and then pass out that’s supposed to commemorate a nice fable that we tell small children to avoid explaining a much more nuanced and politically charged historical situation.  There are other qualities to Thanksgiving, however, like football (American football, you know, handegg?), and a very serious parade in New York City.  So serious it had to be rickrolled by a Cartoon Network show.

Well, in addition slow moving decorated vehicles covered in awkwardly lip syncing celebrities, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade also famously features balloons.  A fifty foot tall Pikachu has been a member of the floating company since 2001, and this year he is reportedly going to be joined by a couple of new faces.

Reshiram and Zekrom, the legendary Pokémon from the upcoming (in America, anyway) Pokémon: Black and White will be appearing as balloons, but fortunately will not be to scale, measuring only 14 feet tall.  They will be the only other Pokémon to get a Macy’s Parade balloon in their honor.  Pikachu has been accompanied by a poké ball balloon before, but that isn’t exactly good conversational company for the yellow fellow.

(via Kotaku.)

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