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Scissors Beats Paper, Paper Beats Rock, This Rap Video Beats Everything

Before rap battles, there were Rock-Paper-Scissors battles, and up until now those two worlds were woefully separate. That was before YouTube user Andrew Huang counted to three and threw down this rap song about Rock-Paper-Scissors. Besides his tight lyrics, Andrew also drops some sick nasty beats, and they were all produced from the sounds of rocks, paper, and scissors. Huang even has another video detailing the process he used to make those sick nasty beats.

The technique Huang used to make his rock, paper, and scissor sounds can be used with any recording. In the first part of his instructional video he uses the “Wilhelm scream” which is famously used in every movie in all of film history, or at least most of them. Check out Huang’s tutorial and learn how to make some sick nasty beats of your own.

And in case you’re unfamiliar with the “Wilhelm Scream” or didn’t believe me when I said it’s in every single movie ever, here’s a 12 minute long Wilhelm supercut.

(via YouTube)

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