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Watch Snoop Lion Battle His Album’s Producer in His Pokémon-Themed Music Video [Video]

If we have one criticism, it's that we prefer the name "Snoopzilla."

Team Geekosystem doesn’t exactly wake up in the morning expecting to really enjoy a Snoop Dogg—sorry, Snoopzilla—sorry again, Snoop Lion—music video, but the “Red/Yellow/Green Version” Pokémon tribute and 8-bit look of his new one was a welcome surprise. Can we get a sequel where we see a Snoopzilla Pokémon?

The whole first half of the video is basically identical to the original Pokémon games, and the rest looks like an old school, side-scrolling shooter, so maybe we have more in common with Snoop than we thought.

(via Polygon, image via westfesttv on YouTube)

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