Entertainment Friday, October 18th 2013 at 12:54 pm

Snoop Lion Now Goes by Snoopzilla — We’ve Got 5 More Awesome Name Ideas for Him

Beware, citizens of Tokyo. Snoopzilla is on the loose.


For his upcoming funk album, Snoop Lion has changed his name yet again. We were hoping he would go for Hangin’ with Mr. Snooper, but he decided to make our day by dubbing himself Snoopzilla. Yup, he really mixed his name together with Godzilla. Gentlemen, start your Photoshop.

As awesome as the name Snoopzilla truly is — seriously, it’s like Christmas came early — we’ve got a few other solid name suggestions, since it seems like he’s open to pretty much anything. Browse the gallery below to see what we came up with.


(via NY Daily News, images via Eugene FloresNRK P3, TheBigN2007, el_finco, c. ritson, bintibee, Thomas Levinson)

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